Moto X shown off in official press shots

29 July, 2013
Both black as well as white version of the Moto X reappear for another round of leaked press shots.

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  • razrmonk

i believe this is the international version of the verizon's droid series... just so damn love it!

  • Johan

Looks so ordinary.. expected more from Moto n Google

  • Where is 64gb?

[deleted post]Which sounds better for marketing?:

10% faster then previous motorola phone. (real life no visible improvements)


200% more storage then previous motorola phone!!

Its time for company to move to next stage of storage!!.. refuse to pay $$ for same storage for the past few years!

  • Leonaidus

Motorola is back with the BANG.

  • Htc the king

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2013Wl replace my One X with Moto X. Are you sure?

  • Anonymous

Blowntoaster, 29 Jul 2013nothing we haven't seen before. can't wait for the review t... moreYes mid range phone. Should have price 250$ or less.. else hard to compete.

  • Nick

Looks like moto will cheat with phone depth again by putting depth specs of the thinest part

  • Where is 64gb?

Hope google/android do not influence this too much.

Tired of yet another 8/16gb release in the year 2013.

  • jay

look sooo old :S

  • Blowntoaster

nothing we haven't seen before. can't wait for the review though. Hope this phone brings the goods. the hardware spec war is getting out of hand, and with this "midranger" hopefully other manufacturers will bring the goods in that department instead of focusing on their top end products too much.

  • AnonD-149247

If order directly from it's website, wonder how much the shipment to Asia will cost...

  • Anonymous

Wl replace my One X with Moto X.