Apple iPhone 5C and iPad 5 shells leak yet in another video

05 August, 2013
The purported casing of the Apple's rumored iPhone 5C and iPad 5 captured on a video.

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  • Lapax

There's always a bad apple in the bunch. This one is it for iPhone.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

fully fake

  • Anonymous

If I was given an iPad or iPhone as a gift I would re-gift it

  • not iii

AnonD-159082, 05 Aug 2013Apple should make small medium and large size phone for people choice.You are wrong, only Apple knows what you want and choose your interest. That is why i stop making stupid choices, let Apple make the choice for you!

  • Anonymous

The C is for the Chinese sweatshop where they're built.

  • benchmark

if the leak is true, the logo in the back of the ipad may have a light like their apple laptops...

  • king

common apple - Make a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rajesh

I believe its a Fake.. Apple is meant for its quality of its components it uses. And moreover they always think out of box. I don't think they could think something cheap like Nokia or Samsung.

  • AnonD-151727

AnonD-159082, 05 Aug 2013Apple should make small medium and large size phone for people no no ..the vEgetables are never gonna give choice

  • Anonymous

I'd pay more for a legit iphone than to spend any of my money on that cheap 5C bullshit.

Having said that, Apple is boring its customers out with the same design, same screen size, and pretty much the same deal every 2 years whilst companies like samsung are pukin out noticeably upgraded and newer phones 2-3 times a YEAR, if not more. Who gives a shit if that small "s" at the back represents a faster phone? Apple was all about "originality" in their ideas, and Apple clearly lost their grip on it, along with their customers.

  • Mozail

Dilip, 05 Aug 2013well done apple.....Well done apple

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1825, 06 Aug 2013"Haha.. apple is losing momentum..." No its opposit... moreApple is now going to be fallen!

  • AnonD-1825

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2013Haha.. apple is losing momentum... So it now depend on some p... more"Haha.. apple is losing momentum..."

No its opposite, fall is going to be very interesting time for apple, stock is growing now everyday after long time and people talk about apple more than ever and waiting fall.

  • Anonymous

Haha.. apple is losing momentum...

So it now depend on some poor leak pictures to gain the attention and publicity before their crappy products releases.

  • Hoodoovoodooman

the chef, 05 Aug 2013Stupid apple you are going to be doomed soon. Nowadays people ar... moreSo what you are telling everyone is that only screen size and ppi will matter, the difference between 340 and 449 is 0.

The new iphone 5s is rumoured to have a 4,5'' display to add to that.

and you make a sensible argument at screen size, when it comes to cross platform you cant compare hardware besides the camera. The OS is what will actually make it run fast.

  • AnonD-159082

Apple should make small medium and large size phone for people choice.

  • AnonD-151727

Dilip, 05 Aug 2013well done apple.....wh0?

  • AnonD-46008

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2013it is useless for logical persons,wich think. but 80% of populat... moreomg so true, in my opinion, its it doent make sense to have a screen with 440 ppi, you eyes will not notice the difference between 440 and 330, that only make the gpu use more resources and more battery, smatphones companies should work more in their cameras,in my opinion that is the most impotant

  • Dilip

well done apple.....