Entry-level LG Optimus L1 II goes official with 3-inch display 

09 August, 2013
The LG Optimus L1 II is powered by a 1 GHz Qualcomm processor and runs on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

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  • Xperia user

AnonD-112024, 11 Aug 2013This phone has a battery of 1540mAh and your sony has only 1200m... moreWell my point is my current phone is much better,and the price probably have dropped rapidly and much cheaper than this new phone,with higher hardware with exception of lower battery capacity

  • Anonymous

Entry level Android phones are crap trust me. You can't ever have a smooth experience with it. I'd rather go buy a Nokia Asha 501.

  • AnonD-112024

Xperia user, 10 Aug 2013Wut...even my Xperia mini pro got 1200 mAh battery,it got 320x48... moreThis phone has a battery of 1540mAh and your sony has only 1200mAh.It does lack a front camera.So what exactly is your point?

  • AnonD-170179

I hope this has great sound quality
Because that means it could be used as a good music player

  • Xperia user

Wut...even my Xperia mini pro got 1200 mAh battery,it got 320x480 HVGA resolution on 3 inch display,got bravia engine,keyboard,5mp camera that can record 720p at 30fps,0.3mp front camera with VGA resolution,got flash,button camera,Snapdragon S2 chipset,1 GHz that can be overclocked to 1.4 GHz safely since the device is supposed to have 1.4 GHz,512mb RAM...

  • Anonymous

Wow 1ghz & 512mb ram these days is now an entry-level lol thats the spec of my desire hd

  • rahrahrah

These specs work for WP8, but for jellybean?

  • ...

go for xperia mini and mini pro from 2011 much better as entry devices than any of recent 2 years phones in specs
both minis got hd recording

  • kss

AnonD-166742, 10 Aug 2013only 1 ghz processor and 512 ram!!and that too for jelly bean!.j... moredid you notice that its resolution is only qvga ? thats 240x320, powered by 1ghz processor, i think its performance should be good enough.

My xperia e which runs jellybean on a 320x480 display is also powered by a 1ghz qualcomm processor and has 512 mb ram. the lags aren't annoying and hangs almost non existent.

im looking forward to see how well the performance of this phone turns out

  • Anonymous

For 10-20 LESS off contract, you can get similar hardware with a standard 480x800res 3.8 screen (so you won't have resolution limiting your app market choices) and a better camera. What's the point of paying more for less? There are prepaid droids down to 49-59. And even they stick at or closer to the minimum standard res.

  • AnonD-166742

only 1 ghz processor and 512 ram!!and that too for jelly bean!.jelly bean require dual core and 1 gb ram to operate smoothly. Im damn sure it will lag and hang.And also too expensive...and the biggest troll only 3 inch scree!!lol

  • AnonD-144621

this is not a rival for nokia
specs is bettet but disply resolution is too low
proce is bit high
no use on Jellybean in it
because 512 mb of ram
plz come with more brain in entry level phone market

  • zebarnabe

Too expensive... Even though it is locked to an ISP look at the similar priced Vodafone Smart III (Alcatel rebrand), it's like an Nexus S, but cheaper and locked.

For this kind of device something between a 360x640 (nHD) and 480x800 (WVGA) screen and 1GB RAM (it is so cheap, why not put a bit more of it?) would do a lot better even if it costs 10 or 20 more.... With the current specs one would expect something around 60$ or less...

A bigger battery would do better as well, but given the small screen and low power of the CPU it should go hold up 2 to 3 days with most ppl this device is targetted at.

  • paco2x

Got the Lumia 520 new for less than 100 bucks: $90

Dual core
Smooth and fluid OS
Better camera
More screen size and more resolution

More value for the money IMHO.

  • AnonD-60243

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2013Resolution is too low for lots of games and the games that will ... moreAfterall this is a budget phone,those who buy them don't buy games which are usually heavy. ofcourse i'm not saying its gonna do miracles here but it's definitely a better choice over asha 501 no doubt. it has good games and apps asha will never have. better customization,asha is still java and same price as this

  • Anonymous

still my Xperia mini from 2011 is WAY BETTER thn this piece of S#i#

  • Anonymous

when i started reading article, and till the time i did nt read price, i got price tag of 50-70 dollar maximum, but 95? already getting galaxy star at 80 dollars so what is use of this phn at this price?

This is some serious assault on Nokia Asha 501.

  • AnonD-10110

How can anyone compare this piece of crap to any Lumia ?

  • Anonymous

Utter piece of crap. Look at the specs! It's so 2006 and the price is $95. What a turn off. It should be $20.