New Nokia 9300 Communicator

08 Sep, 2004
Nokia officially announced 9300 model - a lite version of the long awaited Nokia 9500 smartphone. The new communicator is 55g lighter, but lacks the digital camera and WLAN support...

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  • AnonD-662075
  • bJb
  • 16 Apr 2017

The best Nokia Phone I have ever owned. Watch Saturn 3 on this phone from Youtube. It was streamed directly via GPRS. Nothing like the nostalgic viewing experience of crystal clear loud mono sound and TFT quality picture. And the battery and the phone lasted me for 11 years. Dropped it many times. Scratched all over the casing but it still works. Best business phone I ever owned. Well supported, still many websites still support movie streaming for this vintage icon.

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    • 22 Jul 2009

    rather have nokia e90 LOL