HTC One blue panel leaks in a blurry photo

26 August, 2013
The blue HTC One showed its face in a blurry picture ahead of its upcoming Verizon release.

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  • Anonymous

As much as I dislike HTC, this blue is very aesthetically pleasing.

  • Ramin

The blue is the best color for HTC ONE. Like chelsea!!!!!

  • breeze

not bad, but silver looks better .

  • AnonD-179394

They should have gone for a blue that closely resembled a car and not a toilet tile

  • Anonymous

red colour is more appeal than this..

  • Anonymous

when the blue version will be out, cant wait!!!

  • AnonD-77852

Nice blue color.

  • Jidotoni

This is a beautiful phone

  • fly'nfree

Ahhh... just buy an stickers of any color you desire and stick to it.

  • Anonymous

Meh....Eeewwww! Seriously, HTC? You are kidding, right?

  • Anonymous

Doesnt look attractive at all.

Is that baby blue? Ewww.