Google gives the Nexus 4 a $100 price cut in the United States

27 August, 2013
A handful of other markets will also enjoy the smartphone with a discount of 25% or more.

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  • Anonymous

Does anyone have the link to where I can buy the nexus? Pls let me know.

  • sunny

is it nw availabl in u.s to buy at 250$ n from where can it be bought

  • Anonymous

I want to buy it in US.
google play is not showing this phone.
Can anyone send a link to me from where I can buy it.

  • AnonD-175589

The Nexus 4 is the epic deal of the year imo. $200 for a great smartphone running the latest Android is something we won't hear about often. Best yet is it will likely fetch over $100 on craigslist a year from now.

I use mine on T-Mobile prepaid $60 unlimited with 2.5GB data. LTE works great as well, though speeds have been faster on regular HSPA+ in Manhattan NY. for prepaid providers and plans.

  • jitendra

Pat, 29 Aug 2013Will there be any change in price in india? there will not be any change in its price in India till RS gets stronger here

  • Monty

Do this price will be available in stores of US or google play only?! I have checked in stores but the price remain same as before!

  • Pat

Will there be any change in price in india?

  • AnonD-3678

If you are still doubt to buy this cheap phone due to performance & processing spec, don't worry about it. It is still fast phone. My typical free RAM is 1.4 GB. That's a lot of free RAM space for heavy apps.

  • Anonymous

absolutely fantastic deal.

  • shivani

Its best android phone so far at this price.No one can beat..

  • Kunal

Clear Signal by LG indicating that Nexus5 is on its Wae ..

  • Poor Moto

Google is kiling Moto X with this price drop for Nexus 4.

  • Nexus 4

Noel, 28 Aug 2013This might signal the N5 might be breaking cover sooner tha... morei agree with u.

  • Anonymous

Price cut is nice
But phone is disappointing... :-(
Bought it for $500 in Indonesia

  • Noel

This might signal the N5 might be breaking cover sooner than we thought. Or it might be that the Moto X will be arriving at the play store to hold the forte for a couple of months b4 the new Nexus or N5 is outed. I am ready for KLP and the new Nexus..Google pls not a Nexus with watered down specs, we are willing to pay a little more for a beefed up Nexus spec wise. I seriously think a high caliber device like the Nexus with just 8GB internal storage is an insult to the brand...16GB should be the lowest storage capacity option and hopefully this time we will have a 64GB storage option.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-178368, 28 Aug 2013I get the logic (kind of) behind Google's choice to slash t... moreSeriously the S4 is 3 or 4 times more expensive off contract at this new price. Does anyone ever consider price a factor nowadays?

  • fatherland

it was 490$ in Cambodia

  • AnonD-178368

I get the logic (kind of) behind Google's choice to slash the price of the Nexus 4, but I don't know whether it will really tempt buyers. The competition is just too tough. Have a look at this comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Nexus has some serious competition. It's going to be interesting to see how it does!

  • titus

Is the online shop working in the USA? Do they still have items for sale? It's not working for eastern europe...

  • AnonD-151727

Maks., 28 Aug 2013I heard very bad words about this mobile phone. and they came from ajiph0ney users...