T-Mobile releases Samsung Behold and Gravity

07 Nov, 2008
Today, T-Mobile officially released the rumored Samsung Behold and Samsung Gravity. The Behold has a large touchscreen display while the Gravity has a sliding QWERTY keyboard. Touchscreen Behold...

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  • Pow

The Samsung Behold looks a bit like LG Prada, those three buttons. [call][c][endcall]

  • Tony

this phone aint got no keys????

  • tara

is it me or does the samsung behold remind any1 of the samsung tocco? it certainly does to me; but that's me.

  • G

Behold!-- in this amazing device we have.... no Wifi!! XD

The other one looks kind of pointless in my view...who would buy a low end phone with a qwerty keyboard stuck to it?