LG G2 to opens sales in the US and Germany this month

03 September, 2013
Right after it made its debut in Korea, the flagship smartphone is ready to launch in Germany and the US.

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Hmmm.. No SD Card, so i can't store many image, many heavy games and many hd movies to watch.. Well i think there is no perfect products..
I'll wait until all the flagship such LG G2, Xperia Z1, Note III, HTC One Maxx released officially and then compares its features and real benchmark test..

  • AnonD-130412

dear lg fans, lets not feed trolls ... they may or maynot buy g2 thats their choice ... but they are blind and envy bcoz of features and hardware of G2 .so trolling of things which they dont know ... why are we making them understand LG will give updates / g2 is good ... lets enjoy g2 .. let sammy,sony and apple fans fight each other about patent,waterproof,updates,blah blah

i agree LG could have given sdcard... but i will root and delete some system apps.

and none of the existing flagships s4,xperia z , htc one wont be able to match g2's features(OIS/24bit audio etc) even if they update software 10 times .

  • AnonD-130412

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2013No storage.. Not good.yup .. agreed they could have given sdcard..

but 22 gb is not bad ... even we can root and delete some system apps

  • Anonymous

AnonD-130412, 03 Sep 2013Finally the best phone .. G2 --no lag --OIS in camera --24... moreNo storage.. Not good.

  • AnonD-164032

Tur, 03 Sep 2013Not sure if I should get the G2 or wait for the Nexus 5. LG is h... moreTrue words... LG didn't bother to update my Optimus 3dmax to further android versions.. Stuck on buggy gingerbread.. 1.2ghz Dual core processor and 1gb ram! This was first and last LG phone.

  • AnonD-106654

AnonD-51384, 03 Sep 2013LG I dispense ! No updates , support and assistance with these h... moreHow sure are you that it doesn't update????????

  • Evilmind

Tur, 03 Sep 2013Not sure if I should get the G2 or wait for the Nexus 5. LG is h... moreDont know what your talking about, but 4.3 isnt even released yet. only for the gs4 & htc one play store models.

no doubt about it, it will get the update.
Since they came with the 4x hd all the phones are running jelly bean, except maybe the low range phones.
But not 100% shure about those.
They had a bad reputation in the past about the updates, idoubt they will make that same mistake again.

Lovin this Phone. no i aint a fanboy! having a gs4 atm, cant wait to upgrade to the LG G2!

  • AnonD-130412

Finally the best phone .. G2
--no lag
--OIS in camera
--24bit audio
--best screen visible even in outdoors
--high capacity battery
--snapdragon 800 cpu and adreno330 gpu
--infrared remote
--AnTuTu score 32500
--comfortable volume button placement
--thinnest bezel
--knock to unlock

  • Anonymous

Tur, 03 Sep 2013Not sure if I should get the G2 or wait for the Nexus 5. LG is h... moreso name me all the products on 4.3 jellybean then because as far as I know its nexus 4, s4 google edition and htc one google edition which are devices with no overlays on top of the os. So how the hell can you complain about Optimus G not being updated

  • AnonD-51384

LG I dispense ! No updates , support and assistance with these horrible and bloody physical buttons back ! No, thank you. I dispense it ! I hope the Nexus 5 not those damn buttons that will be pushed back in his pants pocket .

  • Tur

Not sure if I should get the G2 or wait for the Nexus 5. LG is horrible with OS updates. My friend has a LG Optimus G and she hasn't even received JB 4.3 and I doubt that she will. Which scares me from getting a LG phone.

  • Anonymous

G2 is far better than S4 ... I will definitely buy this phone

  • Anonymous

i want this phone as my first LG phone...
im impressed ...

  • jigsaw

No doubt! plz release it in INDIA ASAP.. Im gonna buy dis beast...

  • jun

bnd1120 so expensive here

  • Anonymous

Lumia 1020 is a lot better than this, it doesn't lag and have better camera

  • azizomah

With no Sdcard i doubt if i am going to buy it.
Main problems in this device are the SD card and replaceable battery. Nothing is perfect in this life.

no UK if it's that much for a 16gb I won't buy that's too much although the specs are very good.

  • AnonD-174343

This phone has the perfect specs and is just what I am looking for. I will have to wait until it arrives in my country to have a test run to see if the buttons are comfortable and look better in person.

  • dex

nice price,for a LG G2 beast!!!