Stephen Elop will make over $25 million in his return to Microsoft

19 September, 2013
Nokia’s former CEO will head back to the Redmond giant as head of the devices division.

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  • Bluto

This guy killed Nokia and now getting his award. RIP Nokia..

  • AnonD-189627

they are still struggle, they have to set an innovation of this era, they shut consider to use another os system, and believe will pick up nokia due to the product in vary not like now only single os system

  • AnonD-121167

I really don't get this.I am a common person living in a small city in a small country.i could say nokia was gonna fail if they didn't change their strategies.i have been a pround nokia user from 2002 to 2009 but then i had to shift cuz there was no other choice.I feel sorry for nokia.I pray for this nokia microsoft deal to be cancelled and nokia come forward with android and latest tech.we are with you NOKIA.and please do us a favour.Hang that stephen elop dog publicly.

  • Anonymous

microsoft's tentacles.. consoles.. mobiles.. next

  • Ronny

Wow, not bad for a guy who go hiding behind mummy's skirt.

I feel sorry for non-senior executives who lost their jobs in Nokia.

  • AnonD-183712

Nokia board members/investors/stock holders r dumb. Elop was planted to sink Nokia before going back home to Microsoft with the loot.... Symbian was the biggest OS around... they could have overhauled it smoothly with the right team.... they were ready to dabble with Android... they blew hundreds milions dollars on releasing models and discontinuing them the next day ie: nokia n9 (meego os) then they went WinMobile os... the "kiler" os... bravo Elop. Mission accomplished. U should be in jail for fraudulence and corporate scheming...

  • AnonD-183712

Put Elop in Jail, 21 Sep 2013This guy needs to go to Jail for corporate fraud on a massive le... moreagreeeeeee

  • AnonD-46089

Elpoe, how can you still be alive after reading all these reviews!

  • rachit

Elop u are leave nokia then nokia are again top b'coz u are a nonsense person......
and nokia has the loss if are only and only you....

  • trojan

gjj, 21 Sep 2013nokia is still nokia, but now with the help of microsoft,nokia w... moremate there is no proof elop wont let nokia die in that site.elop is the trojan horse who kill nokia.and have you read review of analysts in that must be ms guy or elop guy or elop himself.

  • gjj

nokia is still nokia, but now with the help of microsoft,nokia will not die,nokia branding is still,they just join microsoft,elop wont let nokia die
here is the proof­r-lumia-and-asha/

  • Put Elop in Jail

This guy needs to go to Jail for corporate fraud on a massive level. He had every intent on destroying Nokia from the beginning, by making them weaker to the point where they had to sell out [ cheaply if i may say ].

I hope there is a way where this deal can be cancelled.

  • AnonD-188263

He was paid to sell nokia in the first phrase and those fools (also known as promoters or shareholders) were like morons seeing everything and agreeing what he was saying

  • AnonD-4254

ek, 20 Sep 2013ahaaa.... At last TROJAN HORSE gets paid well as NOKIA didn't pa... moreI can't help but agree with Ek.

What did Nokia achieve by all this? What was the need for getting a Microsoft Trojan Horse into their business??
This guy got Nokia sold.

Heck, even Symbian was better selling than windows Phone. I'm not kidding: Smartphones' market share of Nokia was 32% in 2010 which is now just 3%.

Heck, if they had focused their entire efforts on Symbian, it could've reached heights.
It was a matured OS, it had basics covered. All it needed was Web browser upgrades, screen size support & some more apps in the app store.....

Or hell, even N9's OS could've done well. I think its name was MeeGo... (?)

  • AnonD-151134

yeah - long awaited wish isnt it F****er elop ???

  • AnonD-162319

Trojan horse of the 21st century... He Should be prosecuted for corporate fraud

  • GGG1

For those who think we will suffocate and die in pain without MS's products, I, for an example, I'm using Linux Mint on my desktop. There are (almost always, and more and more) open source alternatives. Open source is the future - for desktops or for mobile and even for hardware, pharma industry, etc.. I don't see a great future for closed source. Sharing and collaboration is in the human nature. Wake up, open your eyes and support either AOSP, CyanogenMod, Sailfish OS, MeeGo, Firefox OS or any other open alternatives you like - they are all equaly good. It's better for all! Those who close the door will be the first to suffer. OPEN MEANS FREEDOM!

  • ek

ahaaa.... At last TROJAN HORSE gets paid well as NOKIA didn't paid him since they expect him to be CEO to help company and lead to zenith and not as TROJAN HORSE, am damn sure he will get much better hike which he really deserves, may be he already got paid which if off the record.

anyways ALL OTHER COMPANIES beware of these kind of TROJAN HORSE virus.

these people are damn good ECONOMIC HITMAN.

  • Thorpune

What an unfair world, the trojans get paid for the devastation they bring. Sad for all the people who lost their jobs and very sad for Finland which did nothing to stop that worm.

  • Anonymous

He SHOULD PAY at least this amount for damages!