Nokia kicks out N96 Bruce Lee edition in Hong Kong

20 Nov, 2008
Nokia has officially released in Hong Kong an action-ready Nokia N96 Bruce Lee edition, which will knock you off with exclusive accessories and back panel imprint of the legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee...

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  • Wow

It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't overcharge for the phone. The price of it is ridiculous. It should've retailed for $550-$600 USD. Everyone would flock to get it then. You can't charge the same price for the n96 when it shares almost the EXACT same features as the n95 which came out over a year ago. It's just madness.

  • Spy

MdN, 20 Nov 2008What's next? LG Prada Chuck Norris edition?hahahaha... This is will really brilhant! LOL, But nobody is buy it...

  • Spy

Anonymous, 20 Nov 20081300 USD is the normal price here in Brasil. And here we ha... moreStupid??? Stupid is buy Iphone, really, I not like the Iphone! Is BIG, IS UGLY... And is not possible make nothing with it...

  • Spy

Thia is really great! I like very much this phone, beauty, modern, powerful... I to be wait this phone in Brazil and I buy... Really fantastic!!!

  • Anonymous

1300 USD is the normal price here in Brasil. And here we have many stupid people that buy it. iPhone costs 1200 USD with contract, anyway...

  • Kal

LOL. Desperate way of recovering lose. You could buy 2 N96 with that. Hehe.

  • SE + Nokia Fan

MdN, 20 Nov 2008What's next? LG Prada Chuck Norris edition?LOL...!
The next will be the 20th Year Anniversary Karate Kid Special Limited Collectible Edition... ;-p

I think a doll of the dead 'legend' is kind of creepy...

This hard time economy certainly calls for desperate measures...
Keep it up, Nokia!

  • Anonymous

is this a reply to Sony Ericsson ,James Bond edition? it does not sound cool at all. I am surprised to see a market leader like Nokia to act like this. It makes me wonder, if Nokia has been able to reach their target no. of sales of Nokia N96?

  • Anonymous

Looks like a desperate cry for sales.

  • Anonymous

haha, man i had this friend who is a huge Bruce Lee fan, he does all that martial arts stuff and he bought the N73 like 2 years ago and all his wallpapers are Bruce Lee...i'd give him a link to this, he'd love the whole combo epically the Bruce Lee Doll lol!

  • Anonymous

what a joke !!!!!! NOKIA try to copy SE with their 007 james bond edition and look what a terrible thing they did

  • Dani


  • Anonymous

Yeah, nice specifications but that low screen resolution is one old stile really!

  • Anonymous

At least the commerical was pretty cool =)

  • Anonymous

Same design. Oh man, boring...

  • Anonymous

Hahaha... Copy concept from Motorola Rokr E6 Jay Chow Edition.

  • s

first dears!!!!

  • MdN

What's next? LG Prada Chuck Norris edition?