Qualcomm VP: Apple A7 chip is a marketing gimmick

02 October, 2013
Anand Chandrasekher adds that consumers get "zero benefit" from the 64-bit architecture of the A7.

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  • AnonD-353022

james, 03 Oct 2013Quad core processors is a marketing gimmick and qualcomm was the... moreYou're absolutely right. The IPHONE doesn't need a high clocked quad-core. A 1.3-1.4Ghz dual-core can easily push around the ridiculously low number of pixels on that horrid, cartoonish, child-like display ;). Now Androids that have display resolutions like 2650x1440 (which is pretty much the standard now for high definition) do require some actual processing power. Not to mention the large amount of multitasking Androids can perform with these powerful SOCs that the iPhone just CAN'T... Oh one last thing. Didn't you iSheep wonder why no Android manufacturer answered back with a 64bit device? Google was working on their first 64bit OS wayyyyy before even the rumors of Apples 64bit a7. And with the long awaited Android Lollipop already running on 64bit Android devices like the Nvidia Tegra K1 powered HTC Nexus 9. And the Snapdragon (Yes, that's right iSheep, Qualcomm made) 64bit 810 SOC (now the most powerful mobile processor on earth that makes Apples A8 performace seem equal to that of a pocket calculator lol seriously Google the specs) that will be under the hood of all of the flagship devices later this year like the LG G Flex 2 and Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A model as well as many, many more. It seems Google and Qualcomm have and will continue to produce TRUE, FULLY FUNCTIONAL 64Bit SOC powered devices. Sorry Apple ;)

  • gccoulter

Emperor, 05 Oct 2013It's funny that Qualcomm thinks the A7 64 bit chip is a marketin... moreIt's not the fact they're making the 64bit chipsets that's a marketing gimmick, it's the fact that the iPhone isn't taking advantage of it and that Apple are just using its presence for a marketing purpose at the minute.

  • Emperor

It's funny that Qualcomm thinks the A7 64 bit chip is a marketing gimmick when they (Qualcomm) will make 64 bit chips as well. LOL.

  • Kickass

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2013Wasn't it last year that Qualcomm themselves were saying 64bit i... moreIs that what Siri told you?
Try to Google Now your facts 1st, before making such statements. :)

  • Busty

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2013so you think you're smarter than qualcomm now?Well, this Anand guy is Senior VP of Qualcomm, and I'm not.

But his job is to spin whatever news is out there into his company's favour. His job is to make his company look good. That's exactly what he's trying to do.

  • Anonymous

Busty, 03 Oct 2013You haven't been reading, I'll say it again: And as I said ea... moreso you think you're smarter than qualcomm now?

  • DG

Along with being able to address more ram you also get double the bits per clock cycle... why does everyone forget that?

  • Thomas

Someone, 04 Oct 2013Hi Thomas, my friend, No need to feel sorry for me. And no ag... moreYou just can't help yourself can you. still there with the snide comments.

  • Nekko

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2013Wasn't it last year that Qualcomm themselves were saying 64bit i... moreYou silly 64 bit only extend the available virtual memory address of 32 bit. So the only advantage it has are the possibility of adding more than 4Gb of ram. The Apple iOS is so optimised that they are as fast as android flagship whilst using less core and less ram. iOS is fast, that's why they put only 1Gb of ram on the iPhone 5s. That being said, having only 1 Gb of ram means that there is no way for iOS to fully utilise the virtual memory address of 64 bit thus their marketing of 64 bit processor is just a gimmick. Understand?

  • Someone

Thomas, 03 Oct 2013I really feel sorry for you, to spout such hate towards someone ... moreHi Thomas, my friend,

No need to feel sorry for me. And no aggression or hate towards any fellow GSM Arena comment poster.

Now I only want people to understand the truth, my brother. And when various contributors to the comment section clearly have their facts wrong - I'm happy to correct them.

No doubt Thomas, have your own opinion and use what smartphone is best for you.

But please understand that lies, hyperbole and factually incorrect statements need to be addressed.

I understand you're a bit sensitive and I'm sorry for alarming you.

For it is not me that is full of hate & bitterness. Your fellow GSM Arena readers & commentators seem clearly upset that this 64-bit iPhone 5S is performing far better than their favourite phones.

Enjoy your day, Thomas. Please don't upset yourself. Thank you.

  • Android Nolife

Android will always live so iLovers say bai bai to apple

  • Japanese Kamikaze

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2013Apple will never die. dream on crapdroid users!False! Android will overwhelm apple!

  • Anonymous

Wasn't it last year that Qualcomm themselves were saying 64bit is the future of mobile SoCs? Now that they aren't the first ones with a 64bit chip, it is now a gimmick?

Whether you like Apple products or not, 64bit in mobile has real benefits beyond just being able to use more RAM. If all you do on your phone is email and call, then of course 64bit is useless. However, even if all you use are camera apps, 64bit can drastically improve both real time picture effects and post processing of photos. Gaming makes up the majority of app downloads and mobile games are becoming more and more sophisticated and closer to their PC counterparts. There's a reason why PC gaming companies are releasing "64bit only" games and shelving 32bit. You can have much smarter AI and really increase the capability of a game.

Another thing people use often on a phone is a web browser, and 64bit browsers can render pages much faster. Now that LTE is becoming the norm, the limiting factor in opening pages is less on internet speed and more on rendering speed.

  • james

Quad core processors is a marketing gimmick and qualcomm was the first to produce them. Smartphones dont need more than two cores. Quad core is a waste of battery life.

  • AnonD-134749

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2013Where did you see an iPhone for $1000? Sounds like the seller m... moreiphone 5 was about 980$ in india bro. i can say iphone 5s will be 1200$

  • push the button

Thomas, 03 Oct 2013I really feel sorry for you, to spout such hate towards someone ... moreIt's not their first time either. They are not happy unless telling everyone they are wrong. Think they are an apple fan who thinks they are superiour to everyone else. Typical

  • Thomas

Someone, 03 Oct 2013You don't like swimming? Then stay away from the water. I really feel sorry for you, to spout such hate towards someone for a comment. Yet again another attack just because someone dare voice an opinion.

  • AnonD-977

AnonD-58567, 03 Oct 2013And the joke is 64 bit architecture is designed by arm not apple... moreApple started ARM with Acorn, back when they needed processors for the Newton.

They custom build their own ARM chips, which is why they have 64bit first.

  • AnonD-977

yolo, 03 Oct 2013lol your point is invalid the only reason android needs so much ... moreExcept it's pentile so doesn't have that many actual sub-pixels.

  • AnonD-977

AnonD-115579, 03 Oct 2013Qualcomm and Samsung both are working with 64-bit processor. Bec... moreThe inherent flaw with Android is that it is based on a copy of a Java Virtual Machine (Dalvik) running on a Linux based core, there is lag between Dalvik and the core OS, iOS runs everything natively using cocoa, directly in a unix core which is why Apple does not need battery draining multicore processors and excess RAM to slay Android based devices in benchmarks.

The way Apple does it is way more efficient, they design it that way.