Samsung F480 Hugo Boss joins the fashion gang

26 Nov, 2008
Yet another fashion brand is just about to enter the mobile phones business. Samsung and Hugo Boss have come up with a special Hugo Boss edition of the fully touch-operated F480 Tocco. The handset...

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  • pugla 1

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2008why do people moan about phones not having wifi, people who... moreI really think that wifi is very good and that there is nothing wrong with wanting all the trims ( bells and whistles ) on a hanset that your going to buy. its your money , so it's only fair to want value for money

  • Anonymous

I'll wait for MANNY PACQUIAO version... Bwahahaha

  • Anonymous

You should try out other phones before criticyzing this one. The F480 is a great fashion phone, with all the things a PHONE should know nowadays. It has 3g, a fairly good 5mp camera, the battery lasts 3 days in normal usage (i do have this phone). Plus it comes with a great leather "case", which fits perfectly, the back of the phone is aluminum, and the screen is made of high quality, scratch resistant glass. I mean RESISTANT. I accidentaly dropped the phone the other day on concrete. It fell with the cover closed, bounced back, when the cover opened, fell back face down and slid on the concrete for about 1 ft. It has 1 minor, tiny scratch on it, I wouldnt even notice if I didnt know I dropped it. If you're concidering getting a PHONE (not an MDA, like Omnia) this is the best choice you can make. Ps.: I work for a main mobile-phone company, selling phones every day. I've seen 'em all, the best ones and the worst ones alike.

  • Anonymous

why do people moan about phones not having wifi, people who will use this phone, like me, will not need to use wifi. its a fashion accessory, nothing more. stop criticizing because your countries dont have nice phones like this

  • Anonymous

the phone is just for look. battery back up su#'S. phone touch will not all working i need to hit the scrren to respond. auto restart. muzik is bad.
features just loook gud in manuall book,...............

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2008worst phone you've ever used??!! you obviously haven't used... morehe can say its the worst phone HE ever used hes not saying the worst compared to ALL over phones gee get a grip dude

  • staredecisis

i think samsung have smart strategy on sales..coz it endorse all brand name to sell it phones...but samsung also always upgrade it phone like use widget to make phone interface beautiful..but it isnt have wifi.very pathetic.

  • Casualsuede

Hugo Boss is the latest company to become the "Pierre Cardin" of lending out their name brand.

What's next, the Perry Ellis/Calvin Klein/Nautica phone?

  • Ivory

Made for the male metrosexuals, i have the armani phone the only thing that it lacks is the armani screen savers. atleast it should have a designer screensaver otherwise its just the same ol' f480 with the name hugo boss embossed at the bottom.

  • Anonymous

worst phone you've ever used??!! you obviously haven't used a motorola. you can't say its the worst phone, it's actually one of the better phones, obviously has a couple of draw backs, but overall a pretty good phone. I suggest if you have some thoughts on a phone, yet have no knowledge of phones you should keep you smidy comments to yourself.

  • Miss Independent x

i own a tocco and its the best phone iv ever had...its now got even better with the team up with hugo boss...i am definatly getting one!!! xxx

  • Tahrima

WOW!Amazing!!What an effort!Both prestigious brands are as if merged for joint-branding,which will farther strenghten the images altogether!!!
All da best 2 Samsung & Hugo Boss!
I am fond of both brands.I'm currently user of Samsung,hope 2 use this product in future.

  • Andreas Malta

im not sure about this one the thing is brand names sell end of story samsung did this for one reason!! chrismas i mean the tocoo is now forgoten by people and everyone wants the i900 but the hugo boss will sell from my knowle with people ive learned loads of things but one IMP thing to learn is that brand name sells its like the armani lol wtf it wasnt a phone with spec to blow your mind but it sold cause??????? it armani

  • Anonymous

Silly comments, of course it doesn't warrant a hefty price tag, but the fact is the designer phones sell. If I was on the board at samsung and was told no need to make any adjustments to the phone apart from a branded label and we could and will sell thousands on top of what we've already sold with the tocco, I would say crack on! You may think it's pointless but millions of women and self-concious vain men would think very different to you and willing to part with their hard-earned cash. oh and no wifi?? just shut up, these things cost to imply them into a phone, thus increasing the price even more! think of the target audience, most consumers won't even know how to operate it, therefore it's not cost effective to have such features. Every phone can't have every feature, samsung have alternative handsets with built-in wi-fi, e.g the omnia, very similar, no branding and wi-fi, that do for ya, this phone is not for you so stop slating it you f***** noob. Now go on the omnia spec and big it up.

  • Christian Phan

I think Hugo Boss is great

  • Robinder Singh

This branding of mobile phones is stupid. just by calling a phone PRADA or ARMANI does't warrant a hefty price tag.

  • ToUcHPhOnELoVeR

If i was the company that merged wid them i'll tell them to make wifi lor... wad's a touch phone without wifi??? samsung, U CAN DO BETTER!

  • Zihao

You know, I care about looks too. But the branding thing is just stupid, if you want to print a designer name on it, at least come up with a design. But a plain phone? God who can tell me all those fashion phones, what are so different about them? A 9 year old child can draw a draft of those phones because they are all square, black boxes with a large screen. Big deal! Korean companies you need to stop degrading fashion houses like this! And stupid and mighty italian needs to be a little savvy, ok?

  • Anonymous

I have read on several blogs that apparently Samsung said that they never signed any deal with Hugo Boss and this device is nothing but a dummy image

  • arthur

alex how can you say such things as that? this phone is very stylish and a great model. the hugo boss name is definatly an extra attraction to an already amazing phone.
so do one alex bennett!!!!!