Nokia 5800 XpressMusic starts shipping, piggy banks beware

27 Nov, 2008
It's here folks - the first S60 fully touch-operated device has finally hit the shelves. Nokia kept up to their promise and released the handset before the end of November. Unluckily the price of the Nokia 5800...

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  • Joel

I'm a SE fan but when I saw this phone from NOKIA taht has 12 million color plus a touchcreen with lots of features I reall admire this phone and I really love the image of this phone and NOTA this is the first NOKIA hone to have a touchscreen yappeeeeeee I'm so happy!!! waiting 4 this touchscreen phone from NOKIA...

  • Brixen

Merry Merry ChristPrice!! G0sh N0kia. . . . . . It is m0re expensive n its 0wn Nseries flagship f0r this year. . . . . what happened? It is lyk a b0mb in b0mbay! The 900 US Bucks is n0t j0ke 4 s0me like me, 0h g0sh iget it.. Damn n0kia!

  • Anonymous

m3th4don, 28 Nov 2008yeah...a mid range phone with a ridiculos pre-order price. ob... moreyup your right its just economics the law of supply and demand

  • Aamir03336191919

Just one word- PRICY!

  • Anonymous

Damn Nokia!
They promised a affordable price! They are lier!

  • m3th4don

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2008i dont believe it will cost more than 600 dollars i think it wou... moreyeah...a mid range phone with a ridiculos pre-order price.'s kinda' normal cuz everybody was waiting to get demand is very high => high price, they will sell anyway & i expect a huge pricedrop 'till Christmass

  • leansogla

600-700 euros !!! in spain, at the fnac it costs 429.... i think people is crazy if they pay it it doesn't worth it.

fnac 5800 link:­endedServlet&Code1=1808291764&Code2=532&prodID=7­44802&viewMode=0

  • Anonymous

"Currently the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic costs slightly more than 700 euro (900 US dollars) in most of the online shops. THE MASS LAUNCH OF THE DEVICE NOW WILL MOST PROBABLY LOWER THE RETAIL PRICE CLOSER TO THE ESTIMATED TARGET just in time for Christmas."

you guys should learn to read properly

  • Anonymous

rip off

  • PS

Nokia is certainly heading the wrong way. Pricing this at Eur 700 is even going to make it more expensive than their very own N-series and E-series. Besides, most Win Mobile devices and other S60 phones are more value for money. Being the first touch screen phone, Nokia should take a more pragmatic approach given that this is a learning curve for them as well as with the downturn in the economy. Its no use trying to rake in profits from this device and consumers are indeed getting more smarter with choice. They should have sticked on with their original pricing of under Eur 300.

  • pachi9

CTI MIAMI will have it for 589.9 USD.

  • alexander

omg 700euro i go buy n85 :(((

  • Anonymous

i dont believe it will cost more than 600 dollars i think it would be around 500 dollars or less remember it is a mid range phone

  • robby

i don,t like design and it cost more than Nokia said before...Omnia is far better phone..

  • Anonymous

gsm arena , stop lying to readers....this phone is not 900
its around 500 dollars, currently selling in more than 10 countries at this moment

  • damn

if want me to spend money for this stupid phone i would like waste my money to samsung omnia , it's more better than this

  • arielR

Wow, that is alot of money :-(

  • Bob

No_Scream, 28 Nov 2008I have a friend who change handphone every other months. He alw... moreThat is not elite! That is stupid! Waste of money! People are so stupid.

  • Anonymous

u know why it has such a high price tag?

it's because of idiots like u all, just look at­eviews-2537.php

the phone is not out yet and there are over 120 pages on comments and hype abt. this phone in GSMARENA alone.

Nokia saw it and say, "Hmmm, this phone has a lot of demand, let's set at 900USD". Simple economy rule, high demand, set high price to get the supply lower.

Thks a lot to all of you. NOT!!!!!!

  • Martin

Like i said before.. that price in nonsense.. i have preordered it at a retail store here in Sweden, and it cost me 399 Euros for the phone, but i paid 420 Euro and got a Nokia bluetooth headset as well. So 700 Euros is utter nonsense, Nokia don't sell phones att those prices unless is one from the Arte series. People here need to grow up and learn to know the difference between a rumour and reality.