Sony Ericsson Kate gets a real model number - the C510

04 Dec, 2008
The Sony Ericsson C510 is a bar-shaped mid-range Cyber-shot that should hit the shelves in two months. Previously known in Rumor land as the Sony Ericsson Kate, we now finally have it's model...

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  • Anonymous

how much is the phone in usd pls, my child is disturbing me i wanna get it for him

  • jacky

I say just ok camera clarity nice but this mobile model very hanging. loadin very slowly

  • rony

The Great Phone.I like this

  • Alconzy

The phone's really sluggish for most of the time. Is actually not worth the money. Can take good pictures only in daylight and indoor shots are horrible. Wonder whats happening to Sony. Got it as a replacement for my old K750i but I feel my K750 was a whole lot better in terms of spped. Walkman 3.0 is good though.

  • Alan Symbian88

Bought this silver color sony ericsson C510 two weeks ago. Beautiful screen, good camera, lots of features, application and functions. But keypad way too super tiny even for my average size fingers and the strange menu button that jack out, it makes my thumb quite uncomfortable while pressing it. This phone is for user with tiny tough fingers. Won't last me more then 3 month. Should had bought nokia instead. Conclusion is this phone is too small for guys hands.

  • Tropical Ice Cube

Don't overlook the 'budget shooter' side - after all, the phone is advertised as such: The pictures from the c510 are real poor, grainy and usually washed out, with huge color balance issues. Only best exposure over contrasted background (and no direct sunlight) will get you something worth as low as a Tweet or a Facebook post; autofocus takes ages, instant, action shots are impossible - you need to focus in advance, like on digital cameras from 10 years ago. Night/dark shots are reported to be less than good, and I can confirm they just turn out a wash of white flash or a full dark blurr of black pixels. The 3x zoom is actually a divider on the cmos, so if you shoot at 3.2Mp, you do not have a zoom: you need to lower your resolution, and then the pictures become really, really un-usable. And since the phone's screen is quite good, you'll notice it quite immediately.

With a phone that barely makes a decent picture at only the highest resolution, the bundled 'correcting' software is pretty useless, and more so that there isn't a resizing feature to allow you to spare your friends checking on a 600ko pic that could weight 50 perfectly well - dataplan-wise, savetheplanet-wise, webspeed-wise, this is a shame.

Everything 3G/Connectivity is great; interface can be less than intuitive though with 'applications' residing in the ...Organiser folder! The Tilt sensor works not with every app, or just does not depending on where you are looking at your pictures from...

Facebook is reportedly included, but that depends on country/operator, so check it out before buying because it is not a simple Java download, this is something straight from the factory - you have it or you don't. And of course I don't.

All-in-all, a huge deception that was intended to be the latest in social blogging tool as a present for my very connected daughter.

Jean-Philippe, Cambodia

  • x

The phone looks good but it has keypad problem as default.

  • Kristine

Mike, 31 Dec 2008I don't understand Sony Ericsson's strategy. They seem to b... moreYeah I agree to that! I just bought the C905 last year and learned that C510 has AM radio and mine doesn't but my phone was 3x expensive compared to C510.

  • Shyam

I bought this phone today it really fantastic. After 6 yrs i'm moving from Nokia to Sony it really kool

  • Mike

I don't understand Sony Ericsson's strategy. They seem to bring out phones w missing features. It seems u have to sacrifice something for each model u choose. Choose C 902, there's no gps. C 702 has gps, but only 3 megapixs. C 705 has gps, but no autofocus. C 905 has everything, but it's too thick. Next year's phones are more or less the same, missing gps or wifi. They're one year behind Nokia, who offers 5 meagapixs, wifi and gps in their midrange models for sometime already.

  • sharanpatil

Nice phone model. iam eagerly waiting to buy this brand new featured sony handset.

  • raj

nice phone

  • bruce willians

is this phone much cool for what a pictures

  • mmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnn

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2008This is another thick SE with short list of features. It... morekiiiiiiiinjughmouyhbnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmlllllllllllllllllll

  • Anonymous

This is another thick SE with short list of features.

It can not get cheap enough:
X1 is offered for FREE!!! with a cheap contract

Nokia 5800 less than 400 USD

Samsung Omnia 450USD

LG is coming out real cheap but good phones

Is this gonna be 100USD?

  • staredecisis

henset ni cntik sistem die sume same je.x best ah mcm ni.

  • Anonymous

nice. as long as SE don't overprice this, it should be a sucessful everyday-type cameraphone.

  • Anonymous

Dani, 07 Dec 2008Its aitehow do u find the phone

  • mao makhan

me, 04 Dec 2008ive already got the k800i SE. why would i bother with this?u need for fun

  • Timi(truth-teller)

SE suck, 05 Dec 2008after kill UIQ, Sony Ericsson products are not attractive a... moreAint u just gonna close ur mouth nd buy d Watever Nokia u like? U can get 100 nokia S60 UI fones if u like.Allow me 2 luv ma SE,even if its a match-box dats branded Sony Ericsson,i'll luv it 4 its quality delivery.