New Samsung W2014 flip phone runs Snapdragon 800 processor

02 November, 2013
The fastest Samsung flip phone (and possibly the fastest flip phone), the W2014 is exclusive to China Telecom.

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  • AnonD-198076

Looks fugly!

  • omidsalemkar


  • Manas

Its awesome ..........

  • Force Majeure

AnonD-193919, 03 Nov 2013nothing beats the sensation of flipping your phone to answer callHeisenberg... ;)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-179925, 02 Nov 2013No wonder you are so ignorant, you use windows phone 8! :p Reme... moreyeah yeah... everybody know Android For The Weenie ...

  • trey

who in the world would I buy this phone if I saw somebody with this phone ID laughing my ass off

  • lol

the japanese already did this back in 2011 and they fail miserably. the reason is simple, battery not enough juice. and japanese already forgotten this flip android except some chinese company still wanna push this flip phone. now we will see whether this phone got some juice on it or turn to battery hunger.

i better hope sharp reproduce this flip phone with IGZO OLED display and bigger battery than samsung did.

  • AnonD-40493

But... why?

  • AnonD-151727


  • AnonD-202729

Props to Samsung for fitting all that in such a small case.

  • AnonD-201951

Oh god,wish it didnt lag while answer call

  • AnonD-93438

as much as I hate Samsung, I will buy this. man touch is just crap!

  • AnonD-190634

...... omg ppl are supporting this.....

  • AnonD-190634

AnonD-174570, 02 Nov 2013To all the people who are saying why on earth this phone needs s... moreye its andorid but whats the point???? who can plain games on a flip phone??!!! if so it has low resolution its too stupid oh god... poor stupid Samsung

  • awasae

AnonD-99280, 03 Nov 2013sony please make one of these!!yeaaaaaaaahh pleaseeeeeee

  • Anonymous

AnonD-126854, 02 Nov 2013Real multi-window. Right? Why always pictures only with phone-p... moreThen please explain your logic on how there is some extraordinary meaning behind the way they show the device....
And in other picture they do show the phone close and other screen....But please enlighten us with your amazing knowledge.

  • Anonymous

Stondec100, 03 Nov 2013I think this is utterly pointless Love my Note 3 and waiting ... moreThis is ridiculous...Yet you love the Note3....When this is essentially the Note squeezed in a flip phone...Minus the larger screen and S Pen...Even has two screens

  • AnonD-99280

sony please make one of these!!

  • AnonD-160972


  • AnonD-193919

AnonD-171775, 03 Nov 2013But still close to desktop like experience. Multi window type mu... morethe way I see it, android is for people who actually uses their phone to the full extent
iphone is for people whose main priority is to show it off but in the end just use it for basic stuff and apps