Karbonn announces 1080p Titanium X

11 November, 2013
Karbonn Titanium X comes with a 5-inch display, 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and runs on Android 4.2. 

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  • sudhir

karbonn very good and affordable price. i was used lsat 7 years only karbonn mobile.Now i have use A9s.The phone is very slow.

  • jp

I use tha karbonn moblie S5.the processor good ,and diplay resclutin the best, persently use karbonn S9 use very good phone.

  • dheeraj

Karbonn mobiles are amaging specially a 21. which i have till date purchasing it may 1 year old but till it was handed or ant problem.


of course i know about smartphones, just ,i see the most popular companys like motorola, nokia, samsung do not ofer the best service, bad batery, bad software , etc, i want something diferent

  • Uday

shann, 16 Nov 2013Karbonn is better then micromax , xolo , and other cheaper brand... moreWait and think.
Micromax is going to launch in December, its new edition of Canvas series, The Canvas 5.
It has same screen size, same resolution and same duel cameras like Karbonn Titanium X. Bur somany things are different and so much better than Titanium X. It has-
1) Octa Core processor (the worlds first phone having octa core processor.
2) 2 Ghz (may be 2.2 Ghz) Mediatek Processor, supports NFC.
3) 2 GB DDR RAM. (somewhere saying its 4GB, not sure).
4) 4G LTE. (no tension for future, to change the phone). And 3G, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, USB etc are common features.
5) Full water proof and dust proof. (not water resistent, which is primary and temperory type of it).
5) Sccratch proof gorilla gllass screen, with Super AMOLED IPS Panel.
6) Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. ( titanium X has 4.2 only).
7) Inbuilt memory storage 32 GB, and expandable upto 64 GB. (strong storage capacity and no tension to think about to remove apps or to transfer into SD).
8) Smart gesture control, JAVA emulator, Proximity sensor, Gyroscope, Gravity sensor, Light sensor etc are important common features.
This strong configuration will get only in the mobiles 40k to 50k of foreign companies mobile phone. But the Canvas 5 price will be between 21k to 22k. Then what more we want? Which mobile gives u such kind of highly strong features in 22k? Its so much, so strong features. Nothing can compare with it, and this device has brought for compete, to stand against Galaxy S4, IN ONLY 22K.......

  • shann

Karbonn is better then micromax , xolo , and other cheaper brand . The titanium series is better then canvas and galaxy series . Canvas series has borest phone but titanium series is best .

  • raj

is it better than canvas turbo?

  • AnonD-97279

Well said bro. Same thing I had experienced with micromax. ... worst phone with worst after sell service.

  • Azhakhan Z. Pathan

CARLOS, 12 Nov 2013why this cellphones it doesn't come to peru?, here we have samsu... moreyou don't know about this Company's smart phone

Quality once know

you're also want ,, it is Good to cann't come in peru,

I'm indian this co. is also Indian

  • Anonymous

karbon nice comp


why this cellphones it doesn't come to peru?, here we have samsung, motorola,sony, etc, but, we don't have karbonn, come to peru , i'm sure you will be welcome :)

  • yooyoo

AnonD-167677, 12 Nov 2013Both karbonn and Micromax are coming up with good phones and the... moreDude u should give a look to lenovo mobiles... The worst thing about today's phones are bad battery backup.... P780 by lenovo is an excellent phone with outstanding battery backup :-)

  • Bluto

MediaTek processors are good. For example, MediaTek 1.2Ghz MT6568 Cortex A7 is better than Broadcom 1.2 Ghz dual core Cortex A9. Now if you have Canvas HD and Galaxy
Grand, install Riptide GP 1.5 on both the smartphones and see for yourself which one plays it and which one doesn't.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2013canvas series better thaan galaxy ,Titaium so go for canvashttp://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_Electroni­cs
Just look at major client list. Without Samsung other companies are waste. You comparing micromax with Samsung , what a joke.

  • AnonD-167677

Both karbonn and Micromax are coming up with good phones and they are much better than sony,samsung and any other brands..

  • viral

AnonD-75819, 11 Nov 2013mediatek does not support nfc, snapdragon 200 or 400 may beNFC chip-set is available from NXP and Broadcom, so nothing related to mediatek or snapdragon. It is completely different hardware. Micromax can give NFC using MediaTek and Broadcom or NXP NFC hardware.

  • AnonD-43677

i bought karbonn st-8 tablet which worked too good for one month then became dead.. i gave for service center, who said will send it to chennai for xchange... after one month and after more than 50 calls and 10 visits i was informed, no new replacement, motherboard will be changed and will be sent to north india factory...
days passed on, after 93 days i got my tablet repaired..
now u fellows tell me can i ever trust karbonn?( one person had given his new karbonn mobile for service 7 months back, still not received it, so he had come with law notice copy shouting will sue karbonn!!!!)
u pay money, get a un worthy product and run behind for service.. who knows we may even have to petition to supreme court to get ur phone/ money... never trust karbonn.. i will never buy/ use product even if given free of cost.. visit karbonn social site u will see hundreds like me...

  • KarbonFeedbacker

Wish karbonn use Exynos chipset and cortex-A9 CPU instead of Mediatek ones.. Then it wins totally over other mobile tech brands.

  • AdamBoy64

It's a cool name for a phone.

  • happy

Dont be happy karboon.....micromax is gone release canvas this dec...its awesome 2gbram, 1.7octa core processor ..........this dec will be awesome...waiting for release ...