8 megapixel Samsung S8300 touch slider makes an appearance

30 Dec, 2008
As it seems Samsung have a really nice cameraphone in store for all of us, due in the beginning of 2009. The new S8300 has obviously slipped under someone's door, as it's not officially announced yet...

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  • luv Anycall

cristian, 05 Jan 2009ugly i mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... more Shut up!!man!!This phone is more detail than sony!!! Down sony!!

  • Luke

Looks amazing can't wait

Samsung FTW

  • Anonymous

sony ericsson is just overrated

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]What do you mean? Can be more specific?
I think everyone have their own preferences and no one have the right to judge others on what they are interested in pal.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]hahahah u asked this question before in some other forums rite?
Im gonna answer u the same way mate.
Yes, it can print money. But Samsung disable the function because it is illegal! :)

  • Anonymous

that is one ugly phone!....

  • Anonymous

cristian, 05 Jan 2009ugly i mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... morec905 DON'T HAVE 2ND camera!!! so cheap

  • Anonymous

shiv179, 05 Jan 2009honestly, i wonder what se is doing these days. they can't seem... moreSONY just cut off 16000 worker included in SOON EXPIRE

  • cristian

ugly i mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!=) sony ericsson is more beautiful!!!

  • cristian

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2009SE ROCKS Samsung SUCKS . gud!!!

  • Kal

Sorry folks, thought I should add something here. If anything I like after Samsung that would be SE. They do have great potential. However recently I don't see much activities in their end. Experia took years to see the daylight, I suppose something is happening there and hope they do come up with something great soon. Anyways Just wanted to add that if SE rokes, then they do Rocks but that doesn't mean Samsung SUCKS. They definitely Rock and yes they really did well in 2008.

  • Anonymous


Samsung SUCKS .

  • shiv179

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2009wa, those SOON EXPIRE fans donno what is SHAME their C905 GRA... morehonestly, i wonder what se is doing these days.
they can't seem to beat the great top class portfolio they had in 2005/2006

  • Anonymous

wa, those SOON EXPIRE fans donno what is SHAME

their C905 GRAB THE LAST PLACE in the review of 8MP camera phone BY GSMArena

they still think it is KING, even it just a JAVA PLATFORM PHONE with QVGA quality video recorder

don't said this, c905 DON'T HAVE 2ND CAMERA

do anyone realize it?? i heard from some phone forum then do some research,
really , C905 DON'T HAVE 2ND CAMERA!!

  • Anonymous

jun n, 04 Jan 2009i am expecting that samsung's next 8mp phone is a non-slider w/ ... moreI expect that Samsung will release an S60 touchscreen, with full qwerty keyboard timed to coincide with the N97 release.

They already make phones which have all these things, all they have to do is combine them into one.

The optical mousepad they've been using on a few models now, may not look too good but it is good to use

  • Anonymous

where does it say it has CCD lens?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2009c905 is not the 'camera king' haven't you read the thread SE hav... moreTO be honest SE were the camera kings when they released the K750i/K800i, these two phones took by far the best photos seen on any phone.

Nowadays though, they're not...

  • madkat

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2009you can easlily get an free app on s60 nokias to support divx an... morethe app is rubbish, you have to keep playing with the framerate/frameskip (whatever) to get the sound to match with the video. other phones just have it built in and ready to play.

nokia is backwards every thing is the same just the design is different. dont matter if its s60v3 pack 1 or 2

  • Anonymous

madkat, 04 Jan 2009how can sonyericsson say they a walkman phone with no 3.5mm jack... moreyou can easlily get an free app on s60 nokias to support divx and every other format like flv wmv etc...

and winmo well winmo just sucks

  • Andy Burgin

Sony Ericsson might sometimes have the better cameras on mobiles but there quality of mobiles as got worse nowdays,Samsung are the Best Slider mobiles,Nokia the Best software on mobiles,so they have something to do to compete with each other,this year we might get camera mobiles but with the economy struggling the prices better be cut down alot or mobile produces will be struggling this year as well as more people will just by sim cards instead of mobiles,thats why this Samsung mobile might not be Top Class as not many people will investing in Top Class mobiles this year an buying cheaper ones