AT&T pulls Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S4

19 November, 2013
After Samsung pulled the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S III, AT&T did the same for the Galaxy S4.

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  • winjilcom

SoulJah, 19 Nov 2013You're speaking for Apple, aren't you? The only differences betw... moreYou are TRULY right....

Specs of the phone are the most Important, because even if the construction are made or plastic or aluminum, You can put a Otter Box anyway

  • Anonymous

Mine started on 11/14/2013, it went to 2%, I left my phone at home to finish with the new installation, came back 2 hours late the New 4.3 Update never completed. I unlocked my phone, the new version never completed. I checked settings, it was still running 4.2. Tried to start it again, it said No can do, You have to wait 24 hours. I was really Pissed to come home, and the new version never finished updating. Not sure if they decided on the same day to pull it but, this is why I hate Android Phones. Gotta go back to the IPhone. At least their update is for all Phone Carriers. When they say it is coming out - the new version is coming out and you can do it on the same day. Android, you have to wait 6 months to 2 years just to get the new version. By then the new version is soooooooooooo obsolete.

  • Anonymous

Should of learned from apple by sending out beta version before public realease tbh..

  • winjilcom

My samsunh galaxy s4 response

  • meffo

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2013This is a disaster for Samsung. People did not pay hundreds of d... moreoh, yes, i'm sorry to say they did. the phone is running android, after all. needing a factory reset after an update is to be expected. pulling back an update just because of this is just weak.

  • #Reality

zubby, 19 Nov 2013S2, S3 ,now S4.. Is out..... There are so many other numerals,..... morewell if you cant afford it, its no ones fault but your own :)

  • AnonD-25948

well I have had it for almost a month now on my i9505 ands its been working perfect no issues what so ever i guess at&t are having software issues with their own softwares but I still love how people will attact samsung over a fault caused by the carrier lol

  • Anonymous

This is a disaster for Samsung. People did not pay hundreds of dollars for crashing, buggy software.

  • bizarro

Updated s4 to 4.3 and somethimes when I open galary and scroll pictures,phone just frozes.

  • SoulJah

zubby, 19 Nov 2013S2, S3 ,now S4.. Is out..... There are so many other numerals,..... moreYou're speaking for Apple, aren't you? The only differences between 5 and 5s are the CPU and the stupid fingerprint sensor? What are the differences between S3 and S4? Bigger screen with FullHD resolution, a much powerful CPU and GPU, more RAM, better camera, lots of new softwear apps and much more...I'not a Samsung or an Apple fan, but I think Samsung offers much more for a lower price.

  • zubby

S2, S3 ,now S4.. Is out..... There are so many other numerals,.... Seriously c'mon people, this companieS just adds a lil tricks to their former toy and sell it at alarming prices.... Not the addition that upsets me, its d progressive increment in prices that I'm vexed at..... Not affordable at all, on the contrary, a company like Techno, has very viable phones, could do almost every thing S4(talking about PHANTOM A+ and A2), at a very affordable price, Let's not b fooled and extorted from by this companies that escalate the prices of their product and get familiar with a humble company( TECHNO)..... That gives us what we want at a lower price, wise up .....

  • AnonD-207707

I just updated my S3 to 4.3 and face many issues like the unresponsive of lock-screen and music playing bugs then downgrade it to 4.1.2. It's OK now.

  • AnonD-206946

That doesn't matter that its 4.3 update is postponed or permanently stopped , the device was working perfectly without it also .. so if the company suspended the update then they have also think some batter opinion for it.

may be KITKAT 4.4 is coming for S4 n S3 .. who knows

so losting ur hope is or making false comment about it is kind of silly thing

bcz what comes next lets see :)

  • AnonD-197210

Sizz, 19 Nov 2013Been enjoying Android4.3 on my GS4 Octa for a few weeks now, no ... moreYes me too.. i do have GS4 international version.. and when i update the OS to 4.3... NO ISSUES at all..flawless... :)

Wow Samsung,Again .....well i'm not updating my note 2 to 4.3 that's 4 sure.

Been enjoying Android4.3 on my GS4 Octa for a few weeks now, no issues here :) I wonder what's wrong with thdm AT&T 4.3 software.

  • Anonymous

now tech.chief will really be mad...

  • AnonD-106654

Now I understand why LG doesn't update phones like crazy compared to their neighbour sammy!

  • AnonD-43136

Lol! Hahahahaha! Rubbish phones AND now rubbish software !

  • DjGrim

Why are they suspending the update?