Motorola introduces A3100, VA76r and W233 Renew

06 Jan, 2009
With only two days left to the start of CES 2009 Motorola gave fans a reason to be looking forward to it. The American company announced three new handsets that are going to make their first public...

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  • DA

Motorola should better shut down their cell phone division. They are laggards and always wait other brands to produce their sets and then they copied them. Moto never came up with innovations and never attracts the other brand users to switch to motorola for any reason.

  • Anonymous

Moto is gonna take the market by storm!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  • Anonymous

well...I think that A3100 looks great, and that will sell very well...
other two phones isn't made for mass market, but for targetted customers...go moto!

  • Anonymous

Oh sure, this is what TMobile USA users get. Crappy Motorola phones that basically gouge your eyes out when you look at it. Man, I'm about to switch from TMobile, they have great plans but the Worst cell phone selection and crappy signal strength. I've been loyal to Tmobile for over 8 years now but they obviously haven't been to me.

  • Anonymous

why they make phones that, when you look at them, it is like: ough!!! my eyes! thats a motorola!! cover it, cover it!!!

  • Anonymous

it's great! BUT, alexander will be better 8)

  • jjsoviet

Thanks for sharing such a substantial comment amidst those...attacks. I can see that you understand well the situation at hand. Don't worry, an Android Moto is already in the works.

  • DeJust

The passion shown by JJSoviet, Dani and 100%Moto is amazing considering the vast number of Moto haters. I'll personally buy the A3100 as soon as it comes out here in South Africa though it should have had at least 360*480(or even VGA) pixels, a 3.5mm audio/Tv jack and 5MP camera then it would have been a perfect WinMo phone for me. Maybe they'll make a better one on Android. Go Moto go.

  • Anonymous

YES, A3100 is great and everyone who don't hate moto because of nothing, can see it (:

  • Anonymous

eww motorola, i wouldent buy a motorola touch if it was 4 a tener!

  • jjsoviet

iPhone4arab, 06 Jan 2009Die, Motorola. Long live the hater.

  • iPhone4arab

Die, Motorola.

  • ihvenoidea

jjsoviet, 06 Jan 2009More people would hate anything that would look like a RAZR righ... moreThose designs look retro, it seems Moto is reminiscing...

>>>Don't hate the haters; you'll just end up spreading hate.

  • jjsoviet

ihvenoidea, 06 Jan 2009Personally, I hate the design, but sure enough, it's Moto. A... moreMore people would hate anything that would look like a RAZR right now. A new radical design is indeed needed by Motorola so that it would get back in the game. Performance-wise, the Attila would be a solid phone.

Ahh...I hate it when people judge others because they own some particular brand...

It's like anyone they catch who owns a Moto phone will be burned at the stake. Anything that has the M logo will be damned automatically. Note the last 2 words in the previous sentence: damned automatically.

  • ihvenoidea

Personally, I hate the design, but sure enough, it's Moto.

Although it's unseeming looks, I bet that this phone would be more of a "performance phone", satisfying the true function of a phone, with added extras of course.

I am a fan of the v3 though, I wonder what happened to it...

  • jjsoviet

See? It's like what I have predicted: many people go hostile on everything Motorola makes. So cliché of you all. An autofocus camera a miracle for Moto? WOW. What's next, you all get amazed because Moto phones which have 3G and WiFi?

All of you haters are so immature. Just some phone has the dreaded "M" logo you will condemn it and everyone who uses it. Sweeping generalization is what you guys do: you bash Motorola phones without carefully reviewing and analyzing each handset.

You will most certainly laugh at me because I'm a fanboy. Who cares? I laugh back at you because you are all the same: buying the "commodity" brands of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, etc.

I won't care if your fancy phone has GPS, 3G, 5 megapixel autofocus Xenon flash camera, DivX player, or even if it can flip pancakes and drive a car, I don't need those anyway. It would be a big waste of money to buy something you could not fully use all of its features.

  • Kyubii

Why does motorla make the ugliest cellphones man like wow i would never from them with models so ugly XD

  • shiv179

the 09 Calling, 06 Jan 2009QVGA, it should be illegal in 2009 to produce a High-End phone w... more"Moto's just a waste of time and space in this world, just forget about them and let them die in peace. "

lol good one the 09 Calling

  • Anonymous

motorola made a phone with camera auto focus???
that`s a miracle!!

  • Anonymous

Fakuryu, 06 Jan 2009The A3100 certainly looks interesting and the w233 is a great en... more"RAZR"...