16MP Gionee Elife E7 claims to be the best Android cameraphone

27 November, 2013
Gionee Elife E7 is powered by Snapdragon 800 processor and features an 8 megapixel front camera.

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  • brijpal vikal

Gionee best smart phone in e6

  • praveen

i want expandable memory,gionee please provide expandable memory.

  • AnonD-210785

What do you think about Xiaomi Mi3 and this Elife7? When will it goes internationally ?

  • AnonD-151727

AnonD-81000, 27 Nov 2013Actually 1520's camera performance is no better than iphone 5s, ... moreexcept it "still" is

  • vikas

world best anroid smart phone in gionee

  • AnonD-210516

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2013sajeedtechno - can u jst tell me bro your experience with E3 i w... moreE3 has jelly bean 4.2.1 with 8mp rear cam and 2 mp front cam, the retina display gives brighter resolution of any pic shot or copied to phone. the camera is normal as of other 8mp phones. vdo recording is excellent. the phone is sleek and fits in the palm. easy to operated and weighs lesser then other available phones.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-195551, 27 Nov 2013Using gionee e3..gionee elife e7 seems to be a good one from chi... moresajeedtechno - can u jst tell me bro your experience with E3 i want to by that phone but no proper comment yet seen about the phone E3

  • sam

Gionee is the next smartphone manufacturer after samsung

  • Anonymous

Xei monger, 27 Nov 2013I always thought Gionee was just some cheap chinese crap . But a... moreLike most ignorant trolls you mistake your preference for fact and quality. Good job on knowing so little

  • AnonD-121087

If you can post news about Gionee phones why don't you have Gionee section like other phones have,which includes all their model and user comments.

  • Raghu

Gionee Rocks

  • Anonymous

nice phone

  • sachin

Its a really good I also use E6 its better than Micromax and other brand.
" Kam me bam "

  • Xei monger

I always thought Gionee was just some cheap chinese crap . But after using my friends e5 for a week , i can guarantee you that this company beats the sh*t out of samsung and other major players in build quality (on par with nokia , most time feels like a scaled up iphone with a better material not the gimmicky glass . But definitely way better than samsung with no room for any argument) and its so sleek and stylish too , good service experience and better support though not as extensive as nexus or samsung (well that happens generally in top tier segment even in case of samsung ) . Well not sure about battery on this one( i think they are skeptical towards bigger battery to keep their slim factor ) . But their power saver system is really good (i even felt a lil better given the hours to specs to mah ratio) as that of nokia , samsung or sony , like i said any big timers . Gaming was a charm , i felt good playin even though i'm a real dumbo in playing complex games on a small touch screen (hey , dont laugh , i'm one of the best in my state when the same is done with mouse in one and keyboard below other hand or joystick) . Well it played almost all video stuff with good clarity and sound was amazing . I mean this stuffs got dts ! Well i'm no so called trained eye so it really didn't matter whether its hd or fhd cos i couldn't differentiate anyway . So people that was my experience with Gionee . I think we all should expand our horizons so that we can see good things beyond what we were used to . This also stops up from paying premium stacks to those top dogs who are lately giving only sh*t for us (oh you guys exactly know whom i'm talking about ) . Anyway it all goes down to personal choices . (i personally was almost made up my mind to buy 720 but this thing kicked me all the way back to android - windows dilemma ! )

danish, 27 Nov 2013good phone So, you already have one and you have used it extensively enough to know it good?

danish, 27 Nov 2013good phone So, you already have one and you have used it extensively enough to know it good?

  • danish

AnonD-53326, 27 Nov 2013Actually they didn't. Only lumia 1020 and probalbly 1520 are bet... moregood phone

  • AnonD-45523

Best smartphone on "PAPER"
but then again you wont find any better for that price

  • dlads

The best android cameraphone, sure it is.

I seem to remember Bendtner from arsenal saying he was the best striker in the world, now he's smashing his house up in anger and has been arrested more times than he's scored goals this season.

Not a great thing to claim unless you can back it up with people who've said it after using the device.

The Z1 and the Lumia 1020 will give this a beasting in the camera department.

  • Anonymous

The battery lets this one down, but I'd like to see more of these chinese phones over in the west. One of these manufacturers could be a serious rival to Samsung.