Red HTC One Max version leaks in Taiwan

01 December, 2013
Announced in October, the HTC One Max is only available in silver at the moment.

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  • haha

how u get htc one max red? u msia?

  • Anonymous

How do I get a red HTC ONE MAX ?

  • AnonD-188171

I have htc one max and i loveeeeeee it:)
Best Phone ever

  • Randhir

nice color. . .

  • keke

HTC bring it in South Africa it is beautiful where is color blue? HTC for life no matter what...

  • AnonD-211899

g00d m0bile i like it

  • Anonymous

I love HTC and always have since they debuted here in the US. I prefer these phones over the SAMSUNG Galaxy line because of the richness of features and menus, whereas the galaxies seem more made for children and they're cumbersome to use. I don't see HTC going anywhere but up anytime soon~

  • Protocol

Outdated specifications.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-207014, 01 Dec 2013The HTC ONE in blue looks stunning. It's my favourite colour in ... moreOne SV red is different with One glamour RED.
It's strikingly brilliant..

It's not just phone, it's jewellry!

  • jay

this is the best in the world

  • tan

bring it to canada

  • Anonymous

AnonD-324, 02 Dec 2013Soon HTC is going to the GRAVE!!May God bless you.

  • AnonD-324

Soon HTC is going to the GRAVE!!

  • AnonD-207014

The HTC ONE in blue looks stunning. It's my favourite colour in the ONE range. My ONE SV is in red

  • exe