The new Nokia N79 Active pack just screams sports

14 Jan, 2009
Last month we saw the first leaks about the new wireless Polar heart monitor made for Nokia mobile phones. Well, now it’s official. And it comes in the company of Nokia N79 through a retail combo...

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i am using n79 phone for the last two years
all the other things and features are ok.
now then the signal goes out, with the result
call disconnects. this problem must be solved.

  • salut

coment formater n79

  • Lukas

Got this phone three weeks ago, and I am using it for running and mountain biking. Although one can't tell the reliability from only three weeks of use, so far I can tell you to ignore all the other negative comments. This package is great! The armband fits snugly and doesn't bother me at all.

The Sportstracker app is excellent. You can view graphs of speed vs distance and time, altitude vs distance, HR vs time, HR distribution as well as route map one the phone. The web service is great as well.

And for the more technical minded, the GPS data can be exported to Google Earth, GPX format or CSV format. For instance, I imported these into MATLAB and created my own graphs.

Really great stuff.

Of course, there's room for improvement. A waterproof armband will be nifty, plus the phone is vulnerable to damage during a typical mtb crash.

  • Per Spelman

Dont buy N79 for sports activities! The large hole on the top of the phone consumes even the smallest amount of sweat and leads it into the phone's brain - and puff! It's dead, and Nokia won't repair it even though this is a heave fault by the construction of the phone!

N79 does not respond to your actions. You cannot be sure of the outcome of your actions on the phone. This is not a phone for a novice. You have to be a complete phone nerd to accept this phone. It hangs up. The phone lock has to be activated several times before it reacts both on closing and on opening.
Physical, the back cover is untight. The connection of the handsfree is a big hole on the top, so be careful to make a call under wet contions. The keypad is inaccurate and you must check eagerly which digit or letter you are hitting.
The switch screen is ok when you want to watch photos, but it often switches when you just don't expect it to switch.
The GPS is inaccurate and misleads you from time to time. It may tell you to make a u-turn on the highway!
The sound is poor, and the loudspeakers sounds like tin cans.
I could go on and on telling about all the functions that will be bothering you during daily use.
But, the most severe drawback is that it may be difficult to answer calls!
A fresh installation of the software dosn't help either.
One should not have thought that Nokia had tested this phone at all.
So, show a little kindness to yourself - don't buy this phone. by Unregistered

The N79 is light, so it may not be easy to keep the phone steady.
Sometimes the camera functions does not respond to opening the slot. You try and try, but the smile on peoples faces fade away long before you are ready to take your picture.
The flash gives people green faces.
The flash also lights up 90 degrees, because of a gap between the frame and the rest of the phone. You therefore get light rings on your photos and sometimes the picture is light only.
So, this is not a camera phone. by Unregistered

I have been plundering with the phone since day one. I have reset the software, formatted the phone. But nothing worked like it should. I did not even manage to answer calls! Beat that! And then it died. Nokia has sent me pictures that shows that sweat has come into the phone by the earplughole on the top. What an idiotic place to have an open hole directly into the brain of the phone. I think the Finns may have been drinking a little too much Koskenkorva when they designed this phone. And of course Nokia refusers to repair the phone. But this is caused by a malfunction by the phone, having a large hole on the top of a phone marketed as a sports phone - N79 Active! Nokia and N79 really sucks -

  • bozick


where can I find/buy this sport headphones for nokia? Can I buy it on the web somewhere? Or they just come with the Active pack? Maybe I'll buy the Polar band later ...

Thank you and kind regards,

  • p12a

d4mn you Nokia, you spent dollars to create n79 eco, then you talk cheap all about eco-friendly matters like less packaging, less shipping, less truck route, bla bla bla...
Then the next thing you make Active Packs, you put so much plastic on it, so much packaging to wrap the packs, and more shipping schedule, more space is needed, more trucks is going back and forth...
What the?

I don't hate Nokia, just hate the marketting idea.

  • Bob313

just passing by, 19 Jan 2009Countries like Sweden have a 1.6W/kg SAR-maximum. So then 1... moreReally?
Good to know that some country cares about the risk that may possibly cause mobile phone on people.

  • not-long-for-the-dus

Hopefully Polar won't drop support for the N79 as quickly as they did the 5140!! Those of us who got the 5140 in part for the Polar link were sorely disappointed when they did that. How long before Polar dumps N79 users?

  • killer can't write h

killer you can't write haha

  • just passing by

Bob313, 19 Jan 2009Yes, this could solve the problem for your brain. Even usi... moreCountries like Sweden have a 1.6W/kg SAR-maximum. So then 1.4 means 88% of the maximum!

  • sameh maher

you are the first

  • Bob313

Dani, 16 Jan 2009Why don't you just USE a Bluetooth Headset then!!!!!!!! or ... moreYes, this could solve the problem for your brain.
Even using a Bluetooth your are still having your phone in your trousers's pocket or near your chest (so near your heart) if the phone is around your neck.

Both are not good!
In the 1st case, your testicle, (or ovary) will take the wave. (no good if you want to have children later...)
In the 2nd case, your heart will receive all the radio waves...

N79 SAR is 1.40W/kg. The maximum allow is 2Watt/kg. So it's 70% of the maximum allow!

The N95 8Gb has a good SAR: 0.47W/kg (0.25% ofthe maximum allow)

As I said it's up to you. If you think using Bluetooth headset is enough. Good for you...

No offense just giving my point of view.

  • Anonymous

I sure hope that the phone has some kind of weather protection allthough i doubt it. How does it work in rain and for how long?. What about sweat, cold, snow etc?.

And when it finally gives up and is delivered to service center, the judgement will be "moisture damage, no refund".

  • killer

i got n79 and its realy good by nokia and its has also bluetooth headset also

  • m

I have n95 8gb, and use Sports Tracker all the time.
is this belt will work with my phone too?

thanks for help.


  • Dani

Bob313, 16 Jan 2009Yes! If you care about your brain! You may not know that t... moreWhy don't you just USE a Bluetooth Headset then!!!!!!!! or even a wired headset - it can cut radiations by HALF!

Your problem is solved....

  • Bob313

Dani, 15 Jan 2009Does it really matter?!!?Yes! If you care about your brain!
You may not know that the radio frequency used by mobile phone are near the microwave. (but not as powerful than a real one of course).

Lower the sar value is, better is for your brain. But it's up to you. I do care for my brain!

check this link for more info about sar:

  • Dani

SONY WHO!?!?!?!, 16 Jan 2009I LOVE NOKIA! They're the kings of all phones! NO ONE can t... moreNah that comment is just stupid

  • Dani

benny, 15 Jan 2009r u there daniYes im here now..

  • Anonymous

go see the tv comercial of N79 active pack at youtube

the video so sweet!

the man create a love shape of running track and send it to her gf :)