Nokia N97 will be unleashed on the 31 March in UK at 480 GBP

19 Jan, 2009
An online retailer has started accepting pre-orders for the upcoming Nokia N97. There's a specific release date now and a price tag to match the N97 rich feature set. We bet all Nokia fans will rejoice to find out...

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  • Ronak

yo,when is it gonna be released in N.A.

  • danny200

This will be the phone of the year !man I love it !
and it's only 720 $, the price is not higher than N96 ! coool !:-D

  • wisd0m

will get u baby..!! ;)

  • Dani

Wow! nice price and its come just in time for my upgrade!!!!!

  • Ravi Kumar

Nokia will innovate technology like Apple, when their mobile phones have their own software like Apple Mac O/S X 10.4+ have for iPhone's

  • X

Why they always put the D-pad on the left side, I'm right-handed and I find it very inconvenient (for example all PC keyboards have the arrows on the right (really the right) side)?

  • Ryan4Nokia

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! i was gonna get N96 bt N97 is js around the corner... I Love Nokia!... I wish Nokia would hurry up with a 8mp camera phone so all the Haters can stop tlkin

  • Anonymous

x1 better than n97??????

  • Sushjames

craigy29, 19 Jan 2009just the 5800xm with qwerty keyboard Another copy! why doesnt ... moreWell i agree with you, but if you see, apple is also copied from LG, they are the one who introduced the first touchscreen mobile, unfortunately their brand names are not so popular. Each one are copying one and another, so nothing difference in this mobile also :-)

Thank you

  • Alex


  • Anonymous

On it says 'Due for release on 31/03/2009', however, i reckon it will get delayed.

  • lolo

x1 better than n97

  • Anonymous

craigy29, 19 Jan 2009just the 5800xm with qwerty keyboard Another copy! why doesnt ... moreLooks like N97 will have a better build quality than 5800XM

  • craigy29

just the 5800xm with qwerty keyboard
Another copy!
why doesnt nokia innovate like apple?

  • minime

how long before it crashes and freezes, never ever buy a N series without 6 months of updates for it 1st !!!

  • RK

coool news !! still a long time tho 4 release...
any idea abt d asia release ??
before or after march ??

  • grimjow

$720 is just equal or less than the price of xperia.. I have to choose N97 in that case. cheers!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Rob

Well, i have the 5800 XM right now. i'd probably buy this too since i'm quite happy with the 5800 XM. if only the price would be more competetive. 540 Euros is still to much to fork out...


yeah baby . : . i'm the third one. . .