Nokia 5730 XpressMusic leaks, QWERTY meets the music family

20 Jan, 2009
Photos of a new member of the music-minded family of Nokia handsets leaked today. The yet unannounced Nokia 5730 XpressMusic comes in the side-slide form factor which seems to be gaining popularity...

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  • Sg

How to get this phone in singapore?! I want to buy it very much!

  • DDV_malaysia

Got this phone for nearly a month now, phone features are amazing, good clear screen even under direct sunlight and fast speed on cpu for tis model. the only downside of this phone is that it built on cheap quality plastics. sms is kind of hard with the plastic keypad, not so nice to type messages. the qwerty keyboard don have the feel u want when u type messages or something, and battery life is poor but is ok..but overall i m happy with it for the price.

  • m

i want it in gray. In the usa.

  • FAZX

How this phone in PERAK?I want to buy it!


I like very much this phone. This very good mobile. Especially key board.

  • kenneth de leon

how much this phone in the Philippines?

  • xzoiks

SE + Nokia Fan, 20 Jan 2009You're saying that Nokia Xpress Phone is better than SE Wal... morehaha w800? that was my first walkman,but even its younger sibling beat that.the w550.And you don't care about the sound quality i're just like those sucky dudes who just cares that the sound is loud* have you not read the gsmarena review? nokia 5130 xm = to ipod touch think that crappy w800 with its 176x220 pixels and clumsy joystick is as good? lol.i fell in love with the earbuds idea in se walkmans..and the sound quality..until i plugged inn my headset into a n91.
dispide gsmarena comparing it to w800.. you go and try it =) just go and try the n91 out with earbuds, since you just care about the loudness*.Beats the heck outta' your n95 and the whole xpressmusic line.look at SE..making phones still in 176x220,sorry but they are pathetic.don't you dare call me names again,grow

  • asskicker1993@ymail.

i wish its not so expensive here in da philippines>>> i rili want one of those>>> its my wish for my b-day>>> i hope i can get it dis aygust 13, 2009

  • Anonymous

the price in australia is 395.60

  • DK

This could be my next mobile phone...I like everything about it except the "retro" dot-matrix font on its keys.

  • Anonymous

wow i`m gonna get a dozen of it for my twelve frenz as gift for some hooooliidi

  • ravi

i am looking forward to own one its really nice....

  • a s h h H H / /

hopefully soon my bestie really wants one !!!! ill buy her one lol

  • nice

this is the phone that will KILL the e75!!!it will be much better,business men will buy this even!!!:D

  • Anonymous

So, does anybody know when Nokia announces this phone ?
They did not reveal it at MWC

  • Anonymous

slimberry, 03 Feb 2009If this phone comes with WiFi, I'm buying it, definately. S... moreI know what u mean..I have the same needs too, but I think it should have 2.6 inch screen becoz I would like to watch videos on it as well

  • slimberry

accelometer might be good...just to add...cuz this phone may get a lot of land scape usage....

  • slimberry

If this phone comes with WiFi, I'm buying it, definately. Sure it doesn't have all top specs.... but everyone has differnet needs.
I love the idea of keypad on front, cuz you cant use qwerty with one hand!! but love qwerty when txting hardcore n web surfing in hotspots, so this phone is perfect for me. I don't need great media functionality on my phone, cuz "NO PHONE" will ever be equiped with a decent camera! (I like my photos in good quality, hence I have a separate camera!). FYI my preference is WiFi, qwerty, keypad on front, mid price, battery life, camera of higher than 2mp, 3.5mm audio jack, good web browser. Other functions like video capture at 30fps, touch screen, 8mp camera, GPS etc etc is just surplus to my needs....

  • f

the 5730 XM in is just as big as the 5800 XM so it must have a bigger screen than 2".

  • Sithoeun

I think that 5730 XM not BUTe then 5800 Xm . i should but 5800 is better then 5730 .