Best Buy drops iPhone 5s to $125, 5c to $0 on contract

28 December, 2013
These deals are for the US, though Canada got some nice promos on the Apple smartphones too.

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  • Jen

So how does it really cost in normal marketing? Like theres no need for contract or any? 200$?

  • Gaurav

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2013iPhone 5c yes.But Moto G is nothing comparing to iPhone 5sYou cannot compare iphone 5c and moto g both are in different price categories.

  • Limited

Hohohoho.. Christmas is over.. oh wait, really?

  • Phone Home

And the late Steve Jobs was saying something about competitors $0 phone "That's what they are worth"


  • ...

i dislike these misleading prices even with this "discount" it will at the end cost you way more than unlocked

  • Anonymous

Chupacabra, 29 Dec 2013These are comparable to the Moto G.iPhone 5c yes.But Moto G is nothing comparing to iPhone 5s

  • Anonymous

raimis, 29 Dec 2013who cares ?You, because you made the effort to comment.

  • raimis

who cares ?

  • Chupacabra

These are comparable to the Moto G.

  • AnonD-104956

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2013getting really close to what it´s really worth...hehehehehe yup! apple is becoming irrelevant.

  • AnonD-40822

we've had these prices for the iPhone 5S ever since black friday. but the 5C was $50 the past month and earlier this week it was for free. i wonder why it's only now they're posting about this.

  • AnonD-8044

AnonD-158834, 28 Dec 2013There`s something else...Iphone 5s 64GB costs 1500$!!!!!!!!!!!Yo... moreYes if folk buy 64gb model they need psychiatrist,,Apple are very,very,very greedy.

  • šiaip

you will pay the full price + 400$ more anyway

  • Anonymous

getting really close to what it´s really worth...

  • AnonD-158834

There`s something else...Iphone 5s 64GB costs 1500$!!!!!!!!!!!You have to be completely nuts to buy it!
You can buy Gresso or Mobiado,or some other luxurious phone for that kind of money

  • AnonD-158834

1000$ with a 2year contract!
That`s the price you have to pay for 5S if you wanna have it in Bulgaria! See,i really think that Apple are thiefs!

  • AnonD-151727

almost down to what it is worth in real life..which is 5o$

  • AnonD-210143

"Contract" or even intallment schemes are more expensive than buying a smartphone paying full amount-Reality.

  • Nigel

Yeah thats right .. you need to have a credit limit more than 70,000 INR. Its only then you can get it. Reliance Should also offer on Direct Bank Debit through ECS so that people who dont have credit or dont want to use can buy Iphone.

  • AnonD-212627

and in croatia, you can't find iphone 4 or newer below $1000 -.-"