LG to skip Android 4.3 and move to 4.4 for some smartphones

19 January, 2014
LG is allegedly planning to skip Android 4.3 update and go straight to 4.4 for some of its smartphones.

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  • jkm0007

zzoff, 17 Jun 2014never LG again!!!!Yes dud...lg is cheater company.....neither products nor services are reliable..

  • beeny

my mobile LG L9 765 optimus is getting solw...while i connected in mobile data ...Automatically showing this Unfortunately the process com. android has stopped...plz kindly resolve the problem..
otherwise give the latest upgrade

  • benny

i have trouble in android ....

  • f@!z

i'm waiting my phone lg optimus 4x HD kitkate update..please Release soon as fast as posible.Thankh you

  • a p raval

Can i update my phone lg l9 p765 update to 4.4 kitkat android verson

  • Anonymous

When is LG going to provide software updates for LG OPTIMUS L9 p-765 in INDIA?
I am deliberately waiting for the same.LG is little bit slow in providing updates!

  • Z_X Reviewer

Waiting upgrade kitkat for LG P765 and LG P705 at indonesian

  • AnonD-290529

AnonD-290529, 04 Aug 2014r u in USAwhen will f6 be updated in USA

  • AnonD-290529

adi, 25 Jul 2014optimus f6 update kitkat 2 days ago r u in USA

  • adi

optimus f6 update kitkat 2 days ago

  • jellybean

Hi, do you guys know if the LG Optimus L9 will be able to update to the new kikat 4.4 version?

  • vishnu

waiting for lg optimus l9 p765 kitkat update

  • Harsh Gupta

Update os for lg pro lite dual abovie 4.1.2?

  • zzoff

never LG again!!!!

  • Faiz

No update for 4X HD.. Never again will buy LG

  • cle

it's a shame that O4Xhd will not receive updates...
I will never buy LG again.

  • bhavana

My cell is lg g pro lite dual how to get updated for 4.4 kitkat version

  • AnonD-259144

I contacted LG support several times about the LG G Pro Dual Lite, asking them if and when they'd provide an OS update, both because I look forward to the newer features after 4.1.2, and because LG's custom OS on the LG G Pro Dual Lite is... well... manure, to put it kindly.

While I can state that LG customer support is very prompt and polite, they're awful in terms of providing any useful information. Each time, their "quick, polite but Microsoft-like" response was "we'll evaluate all our models and decide later which ones will qualify for an OS upgrade".

Not very reassuring, and not at all informative. I'm close to discarding this model - and manufacturer - for some other one that provides more meaningful information, or at least a roadmap.

  • theo

No update for lg optimus 4x p880, no update for lg optimus 3d p920 to ics. Sorry LG, we have 5 lg phones and no update. You are loosing customers. It is time for other brands like samsung who support their mobiles.

  • jonny

life good with lg? i think not !