Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 KitKat updates coming late March

21 January, 2014
Internal sources hint that the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update will hit by the end of March this year.

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  • Anonymous

what about for S4 19500? when will it get a 4.4??

  • Manuel

I am still waiting 4.3 for my Note II, now 2 months. Can someone tell me if odin is secure to update my Note II? It will brick my phone? I will lose my data and warranty? Is it like doing it with kies?
Thank you

  • AnonD-48306

bullshit Still MY Saudia Galaxy s3 not update to 4.3 still on 4.1.2 :@

  • AnonD-226387

still waiting for jelly bean 4.3 update for S3!!

  • Bink

I live in Trinidad and haven't got the 4.3 update as yet so not looking forward to waiting however long for kit kat

  • awesomefella

what about Samsung galaxy s4 mini???

  • AnonD-173099

Ady, 21 Jan 2014So which features of s4 are coming to s3at least they are updating... if you think about it...galaxy nexus did't got the 4.4

  • antonioli

Ok, very cool. But I didn't receive the 4.3 until now for my S3. Great.

  • Android Man

well the world and its wife, seems to have kitkat. Except for LG owners it seems. Key lime pie will be out before i get KK 4.4

  • Anonymous

Ady, 21 Jan 2014So which features of s4 are coming to s3i wish they think about it

  • tan

i would rather have preferred to stay on 4.1.2 than having to upgrade it with glitchy 4.3. terrible 4.3 update it was for the s3 on rogers.

  • Anonymous

I tried 4.3 but did not like it, so I am back on 4.1.2 with JKay Deluxe framework, amd I am rooted, and I will stay because I do not need the small performance boost that is combined with new restrictions...!

  • AnonD-174126

im very mch satisfied with samsung . though they r late but also remember that s3 launchd same time when one x launched and xperia s nd all they r suffering on 4.2.2. 4.3 is already out fr s3 and im happy wid it bttry lyf improvd drasticlld etc. hoping 4.4 to inc its prformance.

  • AnonD-189086

Hope this really get us on March. I still can't trust samsung.

  • Ady

AnonD-226378, 21 Jan 2014im tired of waiting for the update of my GS3 :@So are there any feat. Of s4 coming to s3 or not?? Does any one has any update?

  • AnonD-226378

im tired of waiting for the update of my GS3 :@

  • mrgs

"coming late march" means?? start of seeding so it takes months to get to phone, or phones will get it late march?

  • Ady

So which features of s4 are coming to s3