Verizon gets exclusivity on Rose Gold Galaxy Note 3

22 January, 2014
The gold on white color scheme of Samsung's flagship phablet is out in a coupe of other countries already.

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if there's brown version of Note 3 Google Edition, i'd spew my money right away

  • no big deal

Fanboys used to call Champagne metal as tacky, now how about Rose plastic?
Tacky and Ugly right?!

  • beinghuman

What say Rupesh, i'm from India as well. One number

  • imitator

Rose Gold?
Hahaha! Funny..
Next is Purple Pink against Sony's purple variation.

  • Anonymous

The ladies will love this.

  • AnonD-207762 it

  • Anonymous

The galaxy note 3 has got to be one of the ugliest phones I have ever seen , and that's coming from the previous owner of the first generation galaxy note , and current owner of the galaxy note 2. No matter how many variants and colors Samsung will churn out , this phone will still look like a chunky hunk of plastic.I know many people won't agree with me , but that's my own opinion and I stand by it.

  • Rupesh from INDIA

Rupesh from INDIA MUMBAI

number one

  • AnonD-222610