Apple reportedly decided on a 4.8 display for next iPhone

22 January, 2014
The information is said to come from checks within Cupertino giant's supply chain.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2014Like most Apple fanboys you obviously know nothing about the his... moreYou are right about most things.
However the F700 was not released before the Iphone. It was however announced well before hand and had a proto typed ready to show at about the same time, but Samsung held back and had kinks to fix.
The Prada was also released in 2007, but before the Iphone.
Too add to this even the name Iphone was taken.

  • AnonD-59657

This year Apple will change the world again by introducing 4.8" Retina display iPhone.
For sure, this size will last for another 3 to 5 years.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2014What you said now is a bunch of made up hateful comments.pinch t... moreLike most Apple fanboys you obviously know nothing about the history of smartphones before the iPhone (of which there were many--in fact technically the first iPhone was not a smartphone because it could not install third party apps). You also know nothing about the history of touch screen technology which long pre-dated the iPhone.

Instead, you have an almost religious belief that before the iPhone there was nothing and all phone technology follows after it.

Apple doesn't even have a patent on pinch to zoom, but they have created lots of confusion in the media so that people think they do. Pinch to zoom was not part of the lawsuit against Samsung. But everyone thinks it was.

Take a look at the Samsung F700 which came out in 2006 before the original iPhone. It has a touch screen, grid icon layout, and screen size an awful lot like the iPhone. The LG Prada was also a large screen touch phone out in 2006 before the iPhone. There was nothing original about the iPhone. (And, by the way, Honeywell, 3Com, Nokia all had touch tablets even in the 1990s, long long before the iPad.)

What's more multi-touch devices existed going back to 1982, way way before the iPhone, so the idea that Apple invented that is just silly. The Input Research Group at the University of Toronto had a capacitive multi-touch system in 1985. A company called Fingerworks, which Apple bought in 2005, was developing multi-touch starting in 1999 (I don't know what more proof one needs that Apple didn't invent this, since they took it from a company they bought that was already doing it long before them). Microsoft started working on multi-touch in 2001 and demonstrated their first version of the Surface interface in early 2007, before the iPhone release, which has pinch and zoom and many other familiar multi-touch gestures. And there are many other companies and research groups that worked on this and publically demonstrated it long before Apple. Indeed even the term "multi-touch" for touch screens long predates the iPhone and Apple.

But again, I expect Apple fanboys to be ignorant of history, since they are more like religious zealots who think they follow the only one true God.

What Apple does have is a lot of really good lawyers and a great PR department that has brainwashed a lot of fanboys into believing they invented everything. Also iTunes was the first really successful online music store and that has driven sales of Apple devices, not the other way around. Before the iPhone, the original iPod was a flop, until iTunes came along a couple years later. Similarly iTunes helped drive the original iPhone sales (which Steve Jobs himself presented in the famous original iPhone announcement as a phone and iPod together--not as a smartphone). So again, Apple does a lot of the backend business well. But the devices are much less innovative than Apple's PR department wants people to believe.

As PT Barnum said, there's a sucker born every minute. Apple has made a huge business out of this principle (as well as BT Barnum style sales tactics).

  • Aref Nia

i have more news about iphone 6 . apple is working on 64bits based A8 chipset with ability to support 4K video recording . they also intend to use retina 2 with the probably resolution of ipad air . but camera still uncleared details ! but i guess they target a big competitor for lumia 1520 Galaxy s5 sony z1s

  • Anonymous

Pretty good size if they get the bezels slimmed down, it would still only be about the same size as the z1 compact, but taller.

But how will screen-size be measured with those wrap around screens? 4.8" on totalt on a wrap around device would not be much bigger than current iPhone.
If Apple wants to beat the rest to the market with that, they cant wait much longer to launch such a device.

  • Nike

After releasing this phone, people who were "unable" to use their 5 inch phone with one hand will gain the ability to use this iPhone of 4.8 inch with one hand. Or maybe apple will say "why type on phone when you can just talk to siri ... hurrah!"

  • Anonymous

Not big enough. They should keep the current size and have a 5.0-5.1 inch model.

Except in India they will bring back the original iphone size and charge them a 50% premium, telling the Indians it's scientifically the "perfect" size according to the Steve Jobs the salesman.

Another in what seems to be a steady stream of i-fails from Apple lately.

  • Milad

why 4.8??????
this is very very bad

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2014What you said now is a bunch of made up hateful comments.pinch t... morereally........might want to look at the specs on the lg viewty etc

  • Shadab

AnonD-59657, 23 Jan 2014Why 4.8" and not 5"?First phone 4.8 and then after 5 inc screen size appl. Is to smart bro

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 20144.7" is the sweet spot for texting and navigating a smartph... moreHater troll spotted

  • Anonymous

4.7" is the sweet spot for texting and navigating a smartphones ui, thanks to apple for innovating this size for smartphone display

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2014What you said now is a bunch of made up hateful comments.pinch t... moreyou really really need to make research before you open your mouth. Apple made touchscreen phones popular and same with tablets. Apple cant say luke im your father because apple is luke facing mirror and saying luke im your father.

And to other fanboy's for the screen size. I especially took a look for comments in this news, to see the fanboy talk and laugh my socks off. It's so typical if apple does it then fanboys wet them selvs and wow them selvs that apple is the best and everyone copy apple. Sorry but Jobs was the one who didnt want to make bigger screen size, but as he's not around anymore, he cant stop it happening. And all you fanboys out there who sayed android phones are to big cause of there screen size have now wet there pants for the 4.8 screen for iphone and say it's the perfect size where as before was 4" the perfect size and dont need bigger screen.

Im no android fanboy or wp fanboy. I just dont see the point to waist 600+ euro for a phone. My first touch screen device was samsung galaxy gio with 3.2" screen. Now i have nokia lumia 520 with 4" screen. My next phone will be who knows what, but i promise you one thing and thats it's not going to be apple phone for the reasone that is the price tag.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 20143.5" is optimum size; noooo wait! 4" is optimum size; ... more4 inch acreen Androids phone = "ohh, the screens are huge unlike tiny iPhone 3.5inch

5+ inch Android screened slates = "ohh, 4 inch screens on the iPhone are tiny!"

  • Anonymous

AnonD-59657, 23 Jan 2014Why 4.8" and not 5"?why not 4.93551563 inch.

  • Anonymous

3.5" is optimum size; noooo wait! 4" is optimum size; android phones are to big. Ohh noooo! 4.8" is the perfect size!

  • AnonD-59657

Why 4.8" and not 5"?

  • Nigel

Thats a great news !! i was planning to buy Iphone 5S. But if this rumour is true would like to wait for the Iphone 6.

  • Anthony

Never had an apple but this is a good moderate size. sensible. Not too large - just right. I do wish the home unlock screen wasn't plastered and so busy with icons. May as well be tiles. Be great if the mass noise of the screen could be deferred to a second screen.

  • AnonD-202987

YAY! can't wait to see it, hopefully it'll turn out to be what we expected.