Nokia Normandy listed on a Vietnamese retailer's website

27 January, 2014
Nokia Normandy a.k.a. Nokia X has been listed on a Vietnamese online retailer's website.

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  • AnonD-226913

I think this phone has an interface wp plus it is very low for a smart phone of actuality, knowing that he was in Vietnam c deposit is more nase

  • AnonD-147377

I don't know why GSMarena are making a big deal with this phone!
Who needs Nokia with Android, they can't make a proper phone with WP.
Nokia + Anything = Fail, Good they quit and sold their soul to Microsoft.

  • AnonD-151316

Nokia Android + 41MP Pureview Camera = Best Phone in the World. :D

  • onex

android looking like wp? no thanks :)

  • nick

this make Samsung run out their money

  • AnonD-227986

While i don't like Adreno 200, i think is a good start for NOKIA to make Android phones.

So keep it up Nokia and bring this phone on the Old Continent.

  • Anonymous

If it is true then Nokia will make its comeback strongly with in 3 months. and high time will start for Samsung and other players.

  • King's

Nokia Xloom

  • deepak

Waiting for this in india

  • Humaiz

Nokia is finally going to get back it's business

  • Varun

More like a forked up version of Android. If Nokia is hell bent on heavily customizing the Android and making it look almost similar to WP, it should have probably stuck to the original WP instead of beating around the bush.

  • sahil

launch this incredible device in w8ing :D:D:D:D