Unreleased Nokia E75 shows its sliding dual face again

05 Feb, 2009
We've already shown you the upcoming but yet unreleased Nokia E75 in a couple of sighting cases. Well, as it seems, it's time for a one more roundup of the QWERTY-equipped Symbian smartphone...

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  • Etuzki

I will buy that when it comes around. I use qwerty when I need it, but for example while driving a car it's easier to use normal phone pad. I like how this phone looks.

  • giggig

Anonymous, 10 Feb 2009dumb idea. wts the use of the numeric keypad when they r putting... moredonkey, alot of people love to type with number pad using t9 as well as on qwerty pad, nokia has different style phones for different ppl, if u dont need number pad go for e90 or n97, now nokia cant make every phone on one patern, get a life and buy some brain from market lol

  • Anonymous

Nokia is going down!

2009 is Samsungs year!

  • Anonymous

dumb idea. wts the use of the numeric keypad when they r putting in a fully qwerty keyboard on the device?!@? losing screen size to useless numeric pad is jus plain stupid!

  • yk

i like nokia, but why the designers are so backdated?

  • OD

mudasir ali, 07 Feb 2009it is much more evident that nokia cellphones look ugly but r be... moreSmall screen..

  • Anonymous

Rumor has it that the new Nokia communicator will have a swivel display.

Big mistake ... remember imate Jasjar.... was a disaster as any swiver display has a lot of elector mechanical problems.

Noika dont use a swivel display ... have 2 displays ...

  • Anonymous

I'd rather have an ugly phone that works the way I want, than a good looking phone that is little more than eye-candy... or is that iCandy.

  • Anonymous

Clint, 06 Feb 2009People keep making comments about the ugliness of Nokia phones (... moreRule the market thanks to 200 million 1110's.

  • Kyuubi

You guys honestly think this phone is ugly XD the designer are mocking and laughing there heads off cause that's 70 to 80Gs a year you can't get and don't have
plus this phone is amazing
pushes productivity 50% cause of of the quick slide QWERTY keypad... I had a phone similar to this and the 5730 called the LG rumour it had the same type of design but it was CDMA and it was slow and crappy

  • Sandro

Folks, how does E75 relate or stack up against current E71?

  • aikon

If this phone using same battery capacity as slider e66 (1000mAH) then not worth getting.

  • Tinytoons

oh my god!it's first reviewed in Vietnam!!i am vietnamese^^that's unbelievable..

  • f

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2009ah 'f' you are truly a dreamer... a real head up your ass heh, as if samsung and other brands are gonna rule for a long time. not in ur wildest dreams.

  • Eino

What an earth is this?? Ugliest thing I've ever seen, yuk! But new stuff from Samsung is just amazing, i8910 for example. When are we going to see similar stuff from Nokia, maybe 2011 ha haa.

  • mudasir ali

it is much more evident that nokia cellphones look ugly but r better in other qualities,it is universal truth.

  • Anonymous

I think nokia will rule the phone even more in 2009

The E75/twins will surely make nokia sell the most thumbboard handphone in the world.

Nokia RULE@!!!!

  • Clint

People keep making comments about the ugliness of Nokia phones (think N82 for example) yet Nokia still maintains their majority share of the cellphone market... as they say "he how has the last laugh...".


this phone dont look good ,then i rather go for the n96

  • Adil

maverick, 06 Feb 2009Everyone has a right to have absurd designs but Nokia abuses the... more"Everyone has a right to absurd designs but Nokia abuses the privelage"

Hahaha... Man that should be a proverb!