HTC releases more Desire 8 photos ahead of announcement

20 February, 2014
HTC Desire 8 has once again popped up on official social account, to be announced on February 24.

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  • XLR

It will have direct competition with...(Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Duos N7502) upcoming samsung mobile. samsung bost 2gb Ram.

  • Jaydip

What is price range of this mobile?

  • AnonD-196881

excellent,nice and perfect. yes ,htc price is more than other mobile in same range.because htc uses best material and high quality specs.and htc technology make it better.look at benchmark. htc M8 squashes other phone with same cpu and gpu and less M8 ram against rivals. and htc has less dropping quality after many will work properly for many years.(compare with Samsung,lg and.... to find out that htc is very better and is the best). viva htc

  • AnonD-59044

nice specs but htc pricing policy in india is very expensive... mid ranger phones priced lyk high ends ,this phone should be around 23-25k if more than that its better to go for nexus 5,note 2

  • mdsb11

dark blue very nice

  • sikandar

perfect!now it looks like the son of iphone & samsung.

  • Anonymous

The top and bottom bezel are a joke!!! Jeez, they could've expand the screen to 5.6-5.7in if they wanted too. Listen to the customers, HTC, this is why your company is failing.

  • Anonymous

finally u change the camera

  • AnonD-219729

Lets hope that it is priced around $350 - $400 at the most ... but knowing HTC , it is more likely to be priced around $550 - $600 and it'll end up being an underspecced expensive phone Because LG G Pro is Priced around $480 in my country and it has a Snapdragon 600 and 1080p Screen .. :)

  • shukura

Any improvement on battery life?

  • khan60

Adomas, 21 Feb 2014Looks nice, solid and slim. Now if the battery is around 3000mah... morethanks....

  • Bailey

AnonD-191720, 21 Feb 2014The orange colour would be an interesting choice! Let's just hop... moreIts a Mid range phone so s800 no

  • AnonD-191720

The orange colour would be an interesting choice! Let's just hope this phone is not under-spec and hopefully, S800 on board plus full HD display.

  • Anonymous

looks good ,lets see if priced well but camera sensor looks small for 13mp.

  • Smuty

rfdv66, 21 Feb 2014Looks much nicer than the all new htc one.Agreed.
Still knowing HTC they will price it in the same price range that you get a Note 3 and is gonna be obvious to all except Htc why it's not selling.

  • AnonD-134497

Well one thing is obvious that the name of this device simply, sucks.....

  • AnonD-98064

T2 ultra has a competition now

  • Adomas

Looks nice, solid and slim. Now if the battery is around 3000mah I'm sure to get one.

  • khan60


  • rfdv66

Looks much nicer than the all new htc one.