Sony Ericsson teases with 12 MP Idou, Hikaru turns into W995

15 Feb, 2009
Sony Ericsson have just announced their very own multimedia monster - the Sony Ericsson Idou. It's pronounced 'I do' but Sony Ericsson say they will market the phone under a different name. In the...

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  • hafiz

I wanted to buy this phone. But some people said that we must always keep phone charges.. the battery not power, 1day must charges at least 2,3 times. is it true???????

  • CellPhone's 2nd Love

Iam a big fan of Sony Ericsson, and X1 already satisfy my neccessary already! but i think IdoU will be better with camera and REAL FULL TOUCH SCREEN! but too bad it doesnt use Android System T.T cause only Android System can beat Iphone about the APPS!~ but you can do it SONY!

  • godspeed

i'm a very big fan of SE mobile (actually i'm a gadget freak) like other people here hope the battery will improve also..i cant wait to hold this mobile soon... its brother c905 is a very awsome piece of phone i have this 3 months ago iand there's no problem now i 'll start saving money for the Idou...

  • The.Calm.Critic

I don't see anything wrong with sticking to "Idou" for the final model designation. Personally IMO SE needs to go that route anyways. People or fans tend to stick to codenames because simply codenames sounds better than the traditional W,Z,C or K. Another thing is that SE should price this right or just close enough to ante up the lines to whichever class of cellphones they're gunning to fight for with keyword being; NOT SO HIGH. Additional but critically important feats such as 3.5mm jack etc should also be seriously considered. I'm waiting to see if Idou through the OS implementations or other means can also cover the important basics of energy usage. Seriously 1 of these days someone should come up with better designs for batteries, alternative sources;kinetic/solar or all of these megapixels' race,who "can has better vid on 7 inch screen" and more upcoming wonderful multimedia capabilities are doomed to poise a "netbook" fadvaganza coming to smartphones. Trust me no one wants to see that happening sooner or later.

  • johndru

sorry nokia fans. If all Companies would use open-source Symbian, WHO WOULD WANT ANOTHER NOKIA. hahaha!!!!

  • Symbian UIQ user

Useless. Anyone want the same treatment from SE (no update, pre-beta release a.l.a P990)? We have sent SE petition as first generation users (P990, W950, M600) asking for firmware fix, but what we got? P1 thrown in our face without further ado with first generation devices, not even simple fixes (such as alarm bugs and bicolor HWR ink)..
And no single response to the letter (hardcopy sent to Komiyama's through his office in London).
I'll never buy from SE anymore.. They treated us like dirt. No way.

  • Karim ADHAM

Again with these beautiful new inventions which look marvelous to me, nothing and nothing can compete with the S E Machines in the market
but not kidding if their batteries are the same silly ones they include in the normal models which is the BST 33, they will be useless to me, unless at least a BST 40 or a new strong battery will be introduced to bear more and more time to stand by, S E people you re truely amazing..........the coming era will be totaly yours. I must admit that. Best of luck

  • Geeb

Give the Idou the proposed universal charger AND a standard 3.5mm jack, and it'd take a hell of a lot of beating (assuming SE don't price it out of the reach of normal people)

  • raphazard

you know what i hate about these comments thingy..?
almost nobody view things objectively anymore...
almost everybody will say, oh this is the best..oh that company is dead...that company's phones are crap...
i gotta admit, i have my bias-ness too, but i don't go around slamming other people..
i really no longer see the point of such a "discussion" board, as all the "fanboys" will get really riled up, and start "arguing" with each other.

  • Jessica

i cant wait till the Iou come out!! it look soo freakin awesomeeeee =DD

  • nadom

Sony Ericsson Idou seems excellent,but regarding its shape, I think there is A weak(may I say very ugly) part in back side ,what I mean is the cover of lenses .To be improved please.If you can cancel it will be better.

  • Enzo121

Yes yes am a massive fan of se i was waiting for a phone like this and se is the best phone in the world 12mp phone at the top again member se was the first to bring a music phone to the world and now this haha

  • Enzo121

Yes yes am a massive fan of se i was waiting for a phone like this and se is the best phone in the world 12mp phone at the top again member se was the first to bring a music phone to the world and now this haha

  • Anonymous

lame, 17 Feb 2009So just because they release a 12MP camera on phone means that S... moreYup, we might have a parade with our new toy, anyways...what's with the hate? LOL!

  • kk

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2009SAMSUNG LG AND S.E are joining ship to make nokia look behind in... moreLG is crap, just a bit better than Moto, lol

  • lame

So just because they release a 12MP camera on phone means that SE lovers can parade around like little kids showing off their new toy? Grow up! Man some of you guys need a life!

  • lol

looks like people dont know what is full hd or hd ready,omnia hd can record @720p(1280x720@24fps),full hd=1080p,idou's sensors capable of recording hd(1280x720@30fps) and full hd(1920*1080@27fps),but it's not clear yet idou has hd or full hd video recording,it's still a concept phone and hd or full hd recording is require very strong cpus,so i think idou hasnt full hd recording and it's small chance it has hd recording,sony'll probably make another phones can record hd video with this sensor

  • Anonymous

I love Hikaru..the style..the specs..the color

  • rockdhero

Wooooooow, I was the fan of SE.But due to only symbian i moved to nokia but still my wife is using SE only. right now i am using 5800 but iodu/hikaru/w995 whatever will be my next choice with lg gd910.
Everything are there with this SE mode except HD display, but still 360*640 is enought resolution for me. rest of all unbeatable like Touchscreen,GPS,Wifi,HSPDA(which is normal nowdays),3.5mm Jack,and and ...... What about flash and should be like n97 (32gb onboard).

  • SEtheKinG

nOkiaS**Ks, 17 Feb 2009yes..u r very rite ! ! they r jus envy of SE lol..don wan 2fac... moreyahhhhh ! !
i like tat ! !
SE finally back to rule again,nOkia sinks..n97,n86 looks like toys n soooooo ch**p..5800XM so much plastic feel,poor quality..