LG Renoir back in black as KC910i, gets an overhaul

17 Feb, 2009
Just in time for Pierre-Auguste Renoir's anniversary (born on February 25, 1841) LG unveil an update of their own Renoir, also known by the less inspired name of LG KC910. It won't be much of a spoiler to say...

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  • melanie

I have a Renoir, compared to the Viewty the Renoir has 8MP camera compared to Viewty's 5mp cam, and transition between aps is generally better with the Renoir too. though I'm sure Viewty would have some features that are prob better. But just saying :)

  • Stiven

Where can i find and buy one, is it still available for sale, and how mush does it cost please write if someone knows, looks like cool phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2009No lens cover is a bad idea. I don't care how recessed the lens ... morei use the veiwty a stylish phone it does have a lens cover and it has not caused problems at all without it.

  • Doctor

I've got the original renoir and i think its BRILLIANT! The camera, in both video and stills quality is excellent, not sure i like the idea of them removing the lense cover in this updated version, as i'd be worried about scratching the lense. Like the fact you can update the firmware yourself (im on V13d at the mo)as i like keeping my gadgets as up to date as possible. One thing that suprised me is how light the phone is! compared to some i've had this seems to weigh nothing! not found or had any problems as yet so all in all an excellent phone!

  • Jasper

Save money and buy and iPhone. As long as you only care for a good touch screen with intuitive controls. For anything else a 5 year old Nokia or SE will do the same trick as an iPhone.

  • Anonymous

About the flash if anyone is interested, It is actually pretty good, much better than the samsung pixon as my friend has one and we both took a picture of the same thing in pretty crappy light conditions and the renoir was miles better.

  • d

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2009did't you read the 8MP shoot out? the Xenon on the Renoir is cra... moreThe Renoir's xenon flash is great!
The review failed to mention the >> backlight compensation setting

  • lg user

save your money and get a i phone

thanks lg for great support and all the crappy bugs

  • Nate

What service is the phone going to come out too.

  • Anonymous

when is the release date of this phone???

  • nikki

new kc910i is it multi-touch, any improvement on video in full screen size.

  • The Bear

number one, 17 Feb 20091ST XDcan't say I've ever been a great fan of Lg's personally, but the original Renoire was a nice addition to the brand, so lets hope that they build on that.

and why on WHY does people have to post "1ST" or similar? Very contributive to the article and to the site, your intellect astounds me. Now don't forget to pick up your lego before you get another toy out.

  • Graham

Is the flash any better the the original Renoir? The flash power is the only -ve (although a fairly big -ve) that I've found with the Renoir at all. If its been improved, then GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!!!

  • S@K

dose this phone run on symbian interface or ???/

  • Anonymous

I like much more my Renoir, a wonderful phone.

  • shaz

does any1 know when this phone is coming out in the uk. any release dates yet?

  • Niklas, from Sweden

Okey, now I don't really get this. This new Renoir won't have a camera lens cover at all? Lens sticking out or not from the case, but seriously, that sucks.

  • rap

I've bought Renoir as a secondary phone (next to my Sony Ericsson C905) because of perfect video recording feature. But when I looked at the 8mpx pictures made by Renoir, I've made it my primary phone immediately.

LG KC910 has just AWESOME quality pictures (unfortunately, my beloved Sony Ericsson is way inferior in terms of quality of camera, not taking into account its xenon flash because I'm not interested in indoor photos).

  • ND

YES! I love this phone very very much!!