Case maker confirms Lumia 1820, Galaxy S5 zoom, S5 mini

27 March, 2014
French case maker Noreve has product pages for leather cases for the three devices.

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  • Anonymous

I aslo want to purchage the cell phone
but the prize is high...

  • Nokia fans

Nokia Lumia 1820 hope contain this specs for new hit generation phone:

1.Display.- 5.2" FHD or QHD - Super AMOLED or IGZO not classic AMOLED - CBD - CGG3 - (480 ppi density)
2.Memory.- 3 GB RAM
3.Chispet.- Tegra K1 or Snapdragon 805
4.Camera.- 20 & 3 MP
5.Battery.- 3000mAh minimal

with this specs belive or not I guaranty new hit phone in world! Or without these specifications do my best to be issued in the manufacturing, because there will be no rating, no consent would not expect as fans and others

  • Ener

I think the s5 mini will be a nice phone, If the price would not be too high of course. The specs are not bad at all. I only hope that the screen size will be 4.5 inch. It's a good alternative of z1 compact for people who don't like the sony's UI. I'll go for it if it will be like that!

  • AnonD-60230

Samsung Can only versions not Compact Versions

  • mohsin007shaikh

What about successor of Lumia 720 ?

  • Anonymous

Unfortunately, there is no Lumia 1820 in the making...

"To game the system, companies often pick up on what other tech sites are reporting. There have been many reports of a “Lumia 1820” (with no proof), so they probably assumed (like many of you) that it must be true."

We can wish at least :)

  • AnonD-153003

if Lumia 1820 comes out before 2nd semester 2014 it will be an Epic phone killer specs and killer camera,but i think it will be too beautifull to be true

  • jojon

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2014they said "better than 808 PureView & Lumia 1020"......WOW..imagine that

AnonD-188509, 27 Mar 2014I really hope the 1820 isn't the next Pureview, read as successo... moreChill dude the current 1020 has a 4.5 inch display with its big bezels... If u have seen the Lumia Icon it fits a 5 inch display in the same dimensions as a 928 which had 4.5 inch screen.

  • Anonymous

Im now using the Lumia 1520. The best phone ever. Im waiting for the Lumia 1820. If this baby is True,i will definitely Buy it. It will the faster monters phone in 2014..

  • discbrake

Nokia Lumia 1820! 5.2 inch screen, 1920 X 1080 IPS-LCD Corning Gorilla Glass 3, Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, 41MP PureView 1/1.2" sensor, Quad HAAC Mics, 32 internal with MicroSD card slot (up to 128gb), 3400 mAh battery.

  • Shinigami

Samsung Sx mini with 720p screen and snapdragon 800? Never let the dream die! Maybe in 2015-2017 you'll FINALLY see such a beast. Except it won't be snapdragon 800, it'll be a cheap variant of Snapdragon 1200. Or something. And 720p screen will be what 540p is now - a cheap screen.

Not sure SAMOLED's a good idea - personally I hate SAMOLEDs for their terrible color balance. Some suffer less, some more, but they can't match IPS in color accuracy.

Wow Lumia with QHD and snapdragon 805. On that smooth WP a beast!!!

  • Anonymous

Just don't want Windows Phone, give me an Android version.

  • AnonD-629

Heeeeyyy !!!

SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 ZOOM will become real soon !!!


Please, Gsmarena, keep us updated about this release !!!

  • AnonD-246216

The 1820 is actually real. That is such a relief. If its the successor to the 1020 then it will be epic!

  • Protocol

AnonD-188509, 27 Mar 2014I really hope the 1820 isn't the next Pureview, read as successo... moreA serious cameraphone should have no less than 4 to 4.5" display as it makes the phone small and compact to take snaps, anything more than that will make it uncomfortable for many as their daily driver cameraphone. I hope the same as you.

  • Eneo

whoa Lumia 1820 cant wait if there will be true. :)

  • Anonymous

s5 mini with s800, same s5 camera, ip67 and 4.3-4.8 super amoled would be instant buy

  • AnonD-188509

I really hope the 1820 isn't the next Pureview, read as successor to 1020. I was hoping for a screen between 4.5-5 inches. I'd love to have a really nice camera but with functionality beyond just a camera.