HTC One (M8) mini is in the works, to go on sale in May

31 March, 2014
HTC is reportedly working on a 4.5" mini version of the newly released HTC One (M8), coming this May.

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  • tom

that is not to bad just waiting for s5 mini

  • Tom

The best "mini" phone is the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, which is not yet sold in the U.S., unfortunately. It's the only compact size Android that features the full-blown specs of its larger brother, the Z1. I have read several reliable rumors on the internet that it may be available this summer in the U.S. with a 4.5" screen, Snapdragon 801 processor and Kit Kat 4.4.2. If HTC wants to be a real serious Android competitor and control the market in this mini segment, puh-leez don't skimp on the specs. Nobody wants a half-assed phone just to get a compact size. Give us a good compact size phone....and do it now because the iPhone 6 is coming soon, and it will blow HTC out of the water.

  • AnonD-253546

I have always owned HTC. I felt it was superior to iPhone and Samsung. I was really looking forward to this phone as my old phone is really busted. It was HTC as well and it is awesome- after shattering the screen and dropping it in a lake, it still works after almost a year...but, I really need a new one. So I headed over to T-Mobile, to scope this new M8 out. Immediately I knew I will not be buying it. I cannot buy it even if I loved everything else about it. This is why:
The size is grossly neglected, and the proportions are clearly off. Ever heard of the golden mean? Ever heard of user testing panels? Even without holding it, it just seems too tall/long, and after realizing there is almost no difference in actual usable space on the screen from my old tiny htc one S, I cannot believe this.
Not only did htc add useless metallic space on the bottom, but also the home buttons moved inside- making them in comparison sit on the same level as my ancient phone. However, this flaw is so crucial I cannot even hold the phone with one hand, let alone operate while driving, even if to turn it off , GPS, or press home button. Basically htc is forcing drivers to put their phone on lap while driving or let go of the wheel. This size should simply be illegal...I really hope htc releases a smaller version for better price and won't skimp on features...

  • htc only

Kabbi, 08 Apr 2014Actually the 4.5 it's perfect size. I use z1c, and 4.3 is a li... moreyes, i vote for 4.5".

Actually the 4.5 it's perfect size. I use z1c, and 4.3 is a little bit to small. Hope the specs would be better then roumed

  • AnonD-122041

waiting for htc one m8 mini to buy,provided removable battery and dual sim provision is there...

  • whatever

jojon, 02 Apr 2014..another Coke can with another crap camif you want a one!

Widget images for mail, messages, phone and camera could do with a refresh. Android could really do with more stylish icons for these as they are really look dated like something of the 80's or entry level design that hasn't matured. Sony do a good job of theirs but stock Android visuals for those are . . boring against new devices. Giddy up.. have fun with your designs.

  • guest

@lol different specs for a different price. htc phones are no doubt.

  • jojon

..another Coke can with another crap cam

  • yousuf

Htc m8 mini price

  • lol

HTC must do what Sony done with the Xperia Z Compact..same specs just a smaller size thats it..

Dont release a smaller phone with diff specs we dont want that..

  • Anonymous

Samsung ROcks anywazz

  • AnonD-234697

Actually the z1c was priced higger than the xperia dont say that the z1c is so awesome and bla bla bla ....against other minis becoz the other phones were priced much lower atleast in my country...if the z1c was priced in the mini range ..then u shud say that its the best phone...tge z1c and z1 were similarly actually it was a downsized z1 and not an upsized mini..
"it was a flagship gone mini,and not a mini gone flagship"

  • AWallis

AnonD-212255, 31 Mar 2014*Sigh* I love the idea of a Mini HTC M8, but it has to be a t... moreI totally agree. It has to me a mini not last years flag size. Sony did get it right wit the Mini. if HTC did a mini about the same size as the One S, that would do. approx 130mm high which would nicely fit a 4.5 screen.

  • AnonD-212255


I love the idea of a Mini HTC M8, but it has to be a true "MINI" version.

At 4.5 in it is almost the same size as my current HTC One M7.

Sony got it right with the Z1 compact, but the false advertising of an all glass back soured my opinion.

If HTC could pull off the Mini M8 with dimensions of 127mm or smaller, 2 GB of RAM and couple that with the solid aluminum build, it would be a home run.

Man....I should design mobiles. ;)

  • bldclat

AnonD-166545, 31 Mar 2014HTC continues to fail. Just do what Sony's doing, make a "C... moreThe "compact" is not much cheaper, while the original One mini was highly successful due to its lower price.

They're not failing at all

  • Smuti

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2014The rumors also indicate this Mini phone will have a mini 1gb of... moreMini crap

  • Anonymous

The rumors also indicate this Mini phone will have a mini 1gb of RAM. I can't stress enough how insufficient this is for multitasking in Android. Mini flagship? Yeah right.

  • Anonymous

I see absolutely no reason to buy this over a Z1 Compact.

The ultrapixel camera is a joke, and now they even reserve its *only* good feature to the non-mini model.