Samsung announce S5600 and S5230 full touch midrange phones

10 March, 2009
Today Samsung announced two new additions in their full touch lineup - Samsung S5600 and S5230 phones. They are both running on the latest TouchWiz UI and have large touch screen displays but only...

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  • Anonymous

you can buy 3 s5230 at the price on 1 omnia

  • Anonymous

if u got the money wait for the new samsung ominia HD its is an outstanding touch phone very slim azwell

  • Anonymous

Finally, samsung has got some great phones to wait over

  • Anonymous

how can u compare nokia 5800 with it, it's 20K priced
and ths will be 10-12K range, so better compare it with LG cookie
and i guess this one scores over that.
I will surely buy s5230

  • Sammy

Angr, 10 Mar 2009Yes, and I bet your Eternity has sold as many units as the iphon... moreNo, obviously it hasn't. But it also hasn't been out for nearly as long, and has no ad campaign. I wasn't commenting about it's sales, I was talking about it's features tard. No wonder your name is 'Angr', you iPhone owners always get so defensive at the first mention of another phone being better.

  • Nilantha

I came to know about this phone.... I came to know this phone has multi media projector in built.....its also dj Compatible...
maxxxa phone...

  • level_up

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2009wow... low end and mid range phone but stylish..nice moreTrue but it's in the low and midrange market where cellphone companies stand to make the most money...Nokia has known this for a very long time that's why they continuously release mid-range phones...

  • Anonymous

QVGA, screw it i don give a s(hit if its midrange

  • albkik

i think they should stop wasting money and time for new designs and useless stuff. they need to improve the software and user interface to come a top fo iphone.

  • Anonymous

S5600 definitly not fot image.
a 256K color screen + 2.8" 16M TFT display with 240 x 320 pixels resolution
Samsung is full with madness!
for midrange phones with a 2.8" at least the WQVGA screen please...

  • Zobi

S5230 is not so bad. I hope has nice metal back plate.

  • LOL

Karim, 10 Mar 2009None of these samsung mid range phones are comparable to the mid... moreThe best touchscreen device at the moment? lol!!! Well, I guess in YOUR planet there are no Omnia HDs, no Idous, no Touch HDs, no Arenas, not even iphones... Sorry for you mate!

  • pTKY

Karim, 10 Mar 2009None of these samsung mid range phones are comparable to the mid... moreare u serious! is it dsame 5800 wit loads of problem.u dnt mean it.i guess we have another nokia ZOMBIE in the house.

  • Karim

None of these samsung mid range phones are comparable to the mid range beast 5800, it is the best touch screen phone at the moment!!

  • Angr

Sammy, 10 Mar 2009I'm currently using the Samsung Eternity from AT&T (nothing spec... moreYes, and I bet your Eternity has sold as many units as the iphone!! LOL

  • Sammy

I'm currently using the Samsung Eternity from AT&T (nothing special, but it was cheap and uses the TouchWiz UI). It's great! Very fast, graphics look good, very user friendly, and I can move all my widgets out of the way to actually enjoy my own wallpaper (get your iPhone to do that!) Also, full landscape qwerty texting is standard, scrolling through long lists is actually MORE enjoyable than on an iPhone due to the awesome haptic clicking, and dare I say that the photo gallery is actually better than on the iPhone!?! Yes, yes I do.

  • Anonymous

its like the change from black and white display to colour screen.. just from colour screen to touchscreen.. >.

  • Anonymous

Samsung is the future, they always offer some nice design with good features!!!

  • Anonymous

S5600 and S5230. Anything over 350 CAD wouldn't be worth it, especially the S5230

  • Leo

I like the S5600's design... it's a shame specs fail to back its looks! Reminds me of the HTC Touch... except with lesser features!