Nokia unveil 5730, 5330 XpressMusic and 5030 handsets

11 March, 2009
The new trio by Nokia doesn't seem so groundbreaking as some of you might have hoped, but it expands the music-centric portfolio of the company with some nice new handsets with balanced functionality...

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  • abeeha khawaja
  • sSx
  • 20 Jan 2011

nokia! wow i love realy has made communication as well as style easier....

    • d
    • dipak
    • vG1
    • 14 Jul 2009

    oh ... gud nokia 5330 seems to me very cheap and best mobil..i;l by dt.

      • M
      • MANOJ
      • TL5
      • 25 Mar 2009

      it is a best phone

        • d
        • dreamy
        • PZI
        • 25 Mar 2009

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          • n
          • neverminde
          • nDM
          • 22 Mar 2009

          Anonymous, 11 Mar 2009I must say that the kid is right. Nokia is a bit boring. I ... moreYou amase me...Supernova is a good phone???I work at a mobile shop too....And I can tell u that All Supernova's are the most stupid cell' plastic, 7310 have problem with the plastic covers, 7610 problem with the slider, it moves almost in every direction and a bad battery too, about 7210...Bleah..I think the best Nokia phones are E51, E71, N82,6600fold, 6300....I sold a lot of this phones, and NOT ONE came back for service..or something..And trust me..I work at a NOKIASHOP, i have all the models in my hands...Although.I'm a SE fan..;));));))

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • tVe
            • 22 Mar 2009

            sooo..... when does it come outs? (Nokia 5730 XpressMusic)


              • f
              • f
              • nCb
              • 20 Mar 2009

              i don't get it. how come nokia 5710 XM is not announced here? 0.o

                • w
                • waqas (pakistan)
                • PT2
                • 17 Mar 2009

                nokia's xpress serese is badly flop now lanch new n serese mobile like n79 and with big 2.8 inch lcd atlest
                dont try to copy the iphone like 5800 music

                  • T
                  • Thilanka&Zeena
                  • v{u
                  • 16 Mar 2009

                  we think nokia cmpny is always trying to give some thing new.we both are really impressed about this product.we trust on nokia.definetly we are going to try this produt too as well as we used other nokia of luck nokia!

                    • r
                    • rocker
                    • jLB
                    • 16 Mar 2009

                    OMG!! 5330 nd 5030 will dafinatly give some ugliest fons present in da market a run for their money.apart from these two,5730 rules.a good looking fon running on S60 platform. long live nokia. NOKIA ROCKS!!!!!!!

                      • m
                      • mike
                      • 0kZ
                      • 15 Mar 2009

                      john, 13 Mar 2009nokia phones nowadays are not so good looking compared from... moreYes John everyone can see the difference. Anyone can see that nokia is better in every segment, you name it: phonebook, organiser, conectivity, the best user-friendly interface, call clarity and so on. One thing that i really hate about SE phones is the lack of 3,5 or even a 2,5mm audio jack, they are still using fast port, come on allready its 2009!!! I know you'll say there's an adapter, but that fast port is not really durable,it gets loose after a few months use, i had SE phones so i know what i'm talking about. And one more thing,Nokia XM phones totally anihilated SE walkman series on the market, which is another proof to my claims. See ya!!

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • 2S%
                        • 15 Mar 2009

                        Best Hs Of the year

                        Keep it up Nokia

                          • j
                          • john
                          • vxm
                          • 13 Mar 2009

                          nokia phones nowadays are not so good looking compared from the past and to sony ericsson phones nowadays. anyone will see the differece of the design that sony ericsson has. it much more better than nokia..

                          i agree with you that nokia seem to need new designers for their phones.. it seems that nokia has already lost its creativity..

                          i will choose sony ericsson w910i, w595, w706 than nokia 5330XpressMusic... w910i has been launched a very long time ago but as you would look the design of the phone and compare it to nokia 5330 it is much CREATIVE and EDGY.. same goes with w595 and w706 which was released even before the nokia 5330. still nokia 5330 looks as if the designer of the phone had not spent much time designing the phone creatively...

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • ibX
                            • 12 Mar 2009

                            latest s60 phone come with theme effect and contact bar :D

                              • K
                              • Killersmith
                              • tA3
                              • 12 Mar 2009

                              5330 is a joke.....nothing is as ugly as that.
                              5030 is a good concept...but again design is simple.

                              i like the 5730.....$exy design :D....also the inter face seems new(look at the main screen, looks awesome.

                              dont know why nokia is wasting numbers on designs like 5330 with no new features and moreover an ugly design.

                              Note: 5800 Rocks \m/_ _\m/

                                • y
                                • yoganand
                                • i4Y
                                • 12 Mar 2009

                                5030 is very good phone ,when its coming in market ,what will be the price?

                                  • M
                                  • Maddox
                                  • G2G
                                  • 12 Mar 2009

                                  Man, the size of the speaker on the 5030!! Looks like a blowdryer!! Lol!!

                                    • y
                                    • yet!
                                    • nCb
                                    • 12 Mar 2009

                                    what happen to you nokia? did you kick your designer out of your company? is this sign of bad economy?

                                      • A
                                      • Ak@India_Delhi
                                      • t}b
                                      • 12 Mar 2009

                                      Well Nokia5730 Xpress music is good because of S60 and n-gage support and 5330,5030 are not useful
                                      because they run S30 and S40
                                      No cool apps at all!

                                      I think 5800 Xpressmusic is cooler then the rest of them!
                                      But sad is that 5800 don't support n-gage

                                        • H
                                        • Helloz
                                        • PUE
                                        • 12 Mar 2009

                                        Wat is Nokia Upto!!!! Apart from gud E-series, they have nothing but all ugly looks