OnePlus One to be released in 16 countries

11 April, 2014
OnePlus is teasing it will release its One smartphone in 16 countries - Austria and Germany a lock.

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  • Ashokaks

I want to purchase one plus one, any option for purchasing from another country.

  • mohandas

AnonD-62700, 21 May 2014Bring it in india.. Big population = sexy sales :D lolI even want to buy this phone... But what we can do this phone is not releasing in india :/

  • emzki

Jason Melling, 11 Apr 2014I think they have gone a bit overboard with the hype and the fac... moresame here haha people will get tired of waiting

  • AnonD-62700

Bring it in india..
Big population = sexy sales :D lol

  • k

well i dont understand why they have left india?..or will there be second round where they ll introduce it to more countries?..please reply i need clarification..

  • Zakri

Malaysia lab Bro.!!!!!

  • Anonymous

RK, 23 Apr 2014Please lunch in India.U mean launch

  • Anonymous

why not in india????? :(

  • Zeshi

please tell me the actual price of one plus one

  • AnonD-258386

great work guys ! Im from INDIA and eagerly waiting to see this ONE in my hands :)

  • adi

plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz release it in Inia i and my friend are planing to get this awesome phone. It's the best phone one can get in below 23,000 and it even beats phones (nexus, samsung, sony etc) costlier than it with great features.
I cant wait to get that phone. I can't imagine any other phone in my hand. I love it

  • abhi

plz launch in india m exited to buy that phone

  • RK

Please lunch in India.

  • AnonD-256862

please come to indonesian, I want to buy it

  • Nilesh

guys please launch this mobile in india

  • ariff

hope malaysia get it too.

  • Daredevil

Please launch this phone in india...

  • AnonD-151727

rj23, 12 Apr 2014I am hoping that the Philippines is included in one of those cou... moreYes..but over twice the price...

  • Ced

And what about Canada?

  • lim