Submersible heavy-duty Samsung B2100 officially announced

18 March, 2009
Turning their backs on the bunch of leaked touch handsets, Samsung today announced a low-end phone, which however comes as rugged as they get. Reminding of the Sonim XP3 Enduro, but prettier...

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  • Anonymous
  • sRj
  • 01 Nov 2010

So...which one's more ragged? B2100 or B2700? Which one's better
for adventurous people?

    • S
    • Steve
    • jjc
    • 05 Oct 2010

    harleyj101, 11 Aug 2010how'd you get at&t settings for b2100? i've had no luc... moreDid you get it fixed yet?

      • h
      • harleyj101
      • qAi
      • 11 Aug 2010

      Don, 15 Apr 2010Tough little phone. Real solid. Set it up for AT&T and ... morehow'd you get at&t settings for b2100?
      i've had no luck with at&t or with samsung-
      please advise

        • D
        • Don
        • QKm
        • 15 Apr 2010

        Tough little phone. Real solid. Set it up for AT&T and it works great.

          • r
          • ronny
          • wrm
          • 16 Feb 2010

          i like it

            • p
            • paul
            • nxy
            • 30 Jan 2010

            how do you download pictures using usb cable as it does not seem to work or do you have to take memory card out each time as instruction booklet vague

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • upf
              • 10 Oct 2009

              very good phone. having all multimedia featurs.has very good music player, though display is small but still its good not so bad.headphone has sterio effect its also plus point of this phone. n 1 mor one can creat his own themes its better than other mobiles

                • b
                • brendan
                • 3p8
                • 08 Sep 2009

                it is great phone the only thing wrong is whene i connect to my bluetooth the person that rings my complaines of a very bad echo

                  • F
                  • Firefly
                  • NHV
                  • 23 Jul 2009

                  Hotshot, 23 Jul 2009This is a cool phone not to expencive so you can take it an... moreYou go GIRL i got The same and are happy.
                  Ta Ta

                    • H
                    • Hotshot
                    • NHV
                    • 23 Jul 2009

                    This is a cool phone not to expencive so you can take it anyware.
                    Looks are not to bad,I like the red.
                    Can do the same as my Nokia N71.
                    So I BOUGHT I ANJOY IT
                    Cheers for now.

                      • b
                      • boat builder
                      • myc
                      • 09 Jun 2009

                      I work with fibre glass and have busted so many phones, they really don't like the fine dust that comes with the job. This phone is great, dead basic,yes, but great. Lets face it, all the fancy stuff on most phones you use in the first 48 hours of owning the phone, then you just use the phone as a phone with the occasional text message. Its a bit bulky but who cares. Battery life is great and as long as the builder promises are true and it is dust proof this little baby should last me longer than the usual 4-6 months. Thank you samsung

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 0Tt
                        • 29 May 2009

                        ivan, 11 May 2009in macedonia it cost 100 euroyou mean FYROM...

                          • i
                          • ivan
                          • 3bm
                          • 11 May 2009

                          in macedonia it cost 100 euro

                            • A
                            • Adrian
                            • 458
                            • 27 Mar 2009

                            Not for clumsy people...have you ever heard of the working world i.e construction workers, etc. you dont get out much do you?

                              • A
                              • Anon
                              • uEA
                              • 26 Mar 2009

                              Depends on how far your adventure takes you... No phone is going to do you any good if it gets no signal reception whatsoever (I can name quite a few places). For those areas you need a sat-phone. However for daily dings, cracks, bumps, splashes, and occassional drops, I'm sure this phone will do extremely well. Looking forward to see it up close :)

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • AS8
                                • 23 Mar 2009

                                Rex, 22 Mar 2009Wondering how much it would be ……In Germany it can be pre-ordered for 100-120 euros.

                                  • a
                                  • alf
                                  • PVY
                                  • 23 Mar 2009

                                  good for clumsy people who drop things

                                    • E
                                    • Elias
                                    • MT1
                                    • 23 Mar 2009

                                    A true "adventure" phone should be/have:
                                    - water & dust resistant
                                    - drop proof
                                    - equipped with GPS (at least be able to show coordinates!)
                                    - equipped with compass
                                    - flashlight
                                    - Radio
                                    - Altimeter and thermometer
                                    - a superb battery
                                    - The back cover should be a mini solar panel to allow charging using sunlight (ok, I am asking for too much now, but it DOES exist!)

                                    That would be a dream phone...

                                      • R
                                      • Rex
                                      • 0Bs
                                      • 22 Mar 2009

                                      Wondering how much it would be ……

                                        • A
                                        • Advance
                                        • 0Y5
                                        • 20 Mar 2009

                                        I like it when a manufacture take it back to the old school. I am upset with all the new phones. I have spent a lot of money looking for the right phone and I end up going right back to Nokia, Palm or Samsung. I had the I-Phone, Imate 9502, Sony-Xp,HTC Touch and Pro, took them all back because of problems, Now I currently have the G1 and it is more for a young adult. I love cell phones but the new wave of cell phones are a let down. I can see this phone as my beach phone, it is so simple which is good sometimes, and it does not over promise on any feature...Yes Samsung stick with the Kiss method.