Motorola to unveil a new smartphone on May 13

30 April, 2014
Motorola has sent invites to the press for a special smartphone event in London on May 13.

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  • AnonD-78596

Not hoping for anything! They rather sell their phones to the Americans alone! Got a juicy deal on a Samsung galaxy S4...can't wait to explore it!

  • AnonD-259392

It's Moto E, for sure. "Priced for all"...

  • Anonymous

last line says "made for last and priced for all".to me its look like a rugged and affordable phone

  • AnonD-237024

AnonD-69202, 30 Apr 2014It seems like a smartwatch because there is a big clock in the p... moreI highly doubt it will be a smartwatch.

Hopefully, we will be seeing a rather nice device from Moto soon!

  • AnonD-105795

Moto G 2 plz

  • Anonymous

can't freakin wait!

  • AnonD-69202

It seems like a smartwatch because there is a big clock in the picture.

  • Anonymous

made to last could mean a replacement for the defy series and an affordable price too

  • John Keshav Sharma

I'm pretty sure that this will be an epic hit just like the MotoG. FTW 😤 MOTOROLA.

  • Anonymous

Oh!! crap I bought moto g just 2 days back :(

  • Anonymous

why this is not exciting? :)

  • Anonymous

If its priced for all, then its gotta be Moto E... the other one is a high end phone :P :P