Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition leaked by Google

30 April, 2014
A Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S5 flagship popped up briefly on the Play Store today.

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  • Anonymous

Ugly phone. No thanks.

  • Skimmy

Why the hell they do need to put the unnecessary virtual buttons on the buttom of the screen? Or the guy who made this photoshop just doesn't know how Android OS works :D

  • AnonD-215925

heh, main prize of Galaxy S5 is a touchwiz which is best software modified for now, without touchwiz S5 have no interes to buy, u can buy OnePlus One with same spec + 1gb ram for less money

  • Rated r

Samsung Actually put heartrate monitor on s5 to give back side a good look and to differentiate with other galaxyS

  • AnonD-251095

On-screen buttons edition ? :@

  • AnonD-168288

If you care about the good battery life this is not a good option.