Slim Samsung B7300 pops up, runs WinMo 6.1

26 March, 2009
The sleek Samsung B7300 is the latest leak concerning a Samsung handset. This time around it's a Windows Mobile phone, which however has inherited the looks of the Samsung S8300...

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  • Anonymous

Obviously this phone will be launched in China... it is stated clearly CHINA MOBILE... and no WCDMA no WIFI...

Anycall is only used in Greater China Region and Korea...

  • Kal

Spyros/Cesar.s.c, 29 Mar 2009I dont think that Samsung will launch this phone to Europe.... moreYou can relax. Anycall branded models are for China/Asian market. I don't know which angle you are looking at, but it seems not to be too fat to me. cheers!

  • Spyros/Cesar.s.c

I dont think that Samsung will launch this phone to Europe. Surely in Asia maybe in America but this phone is too fat ang ugly for us the Europeans. After the wonderful i900 Omnia they dont going to launch here this thing.

  • xiaorui

the middle-high end handsets which produced by Samsung almostly looks same with each other! frankly say, i really don't like the UI.

  • jagadeesh

compare with other handsets this one so slim but when it comes cemara it should be better. except that every thing is ok and it has the greate look

  • Wizard of OZ

Dang... Samsung is flooooooding the market with devices!!! At this rate I predict that by 2020 every man, woman and child of all ages will have a mobile phone... a Samsung mobile phone that is...

  • Anonymous

Lovelock, 26 Mar 2009See this is great. Everyone is making tonnes of touchscreen... moreA couple of weeks with an iPhone will soon change your loathing of touchscreens sentiment.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2009This is what Samsung is doing to its customers. A Samsu... moreI wonder who else does that?

Announce a phone like N96... delayed... waiting, waiting, waiting... release announce the N97... waiting... waiting... waiting... get bored and start wondering what the N98 will be like.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Samsung is following the same marketing strategy which Nokia has used successfully for years, which is to absolutely swamp the market with models for every possible phone user.

Samsung knows that if they want to be number one they have to be better than the current number one.

Samsung have had quite a few WinMo phone's, starting with the Blackjack, the only area they haven't had much success with is business phone's.

  • Anonymous

This is what Samsung is doing to its customers.

A Samsung customer buys a new touch screen phone and is happy with it. Two weeks later, Samsung releases the same phone under a different name and added LED flash. That pisses off the customer, but the customer sold the first one and bought the second one anyway. Two weeks later, Samsung again released the same phone, but this time upped the screen size from 3.0 to 3.2 and gave it a different name. Again the customer gets pissed off and sold the second one to buy the 3rd one. Two weeks later again, Samsung released the same phone, this time upping the megapixels from 5 to 8 and gave it again a different name, HAHAHAHAHA. It's a vicious cycle. Nice one Samsung. It's like they're playing games with their customers, lol. Good thing Samsung has followers who are patient and doesn't mind being taken advantage of, lol.

  • Anonymous

Another one? I just don't get it. Samsung is overkilling touchscreen phones, releasing similar devices with slight differences. 5mp camera on this one 3.5 on the other, put wifi on this one no wifi on the other. Put a led flash on this one, not on the other one. 3.0 display on this one 3.1 on the other.

What is up with that? How many touchscreen phones does it take for Samsung to get it right? It's giving me the impression that they're either not sure of what they're doing, or that they release a phone too soon and realizes, "oooppps, we should've done it this way so let's just release a new one", "Ooooppsss, we forgot about this one, so let's just release a new one and give it a different name." "Oooopppps, we found a better name for that one but we've already released it so let's just release another one w/ lower megapixels and give it a different name." LOL. Enough is enough Samsung. You're starting to look like a joke.

  • Lovelock

See this is great. Everyone is making tonnes of touchscreen mobiles leaving the path open for Nokia to claim the non-touchscreen segment.

Personally I despise touch screens, they're fun to play with but nothing other than a gimmick. Trust me I know. Been there, done that.

Best phones going are the Nokia N96 and Samsung INNOV8. Sliders are the most preferred from what I've heard.

  • Zobi

Not bad. Zobi likey.

  • nice 1

Every way u look at it,touchscreens are the future of mobile phones and Samsung is really showing that to the crowd. Samsung's strategy seems to be to use low and mid end slider/bar/flip phones and touchscreen for the high end of the market(of course there are mid range touchscreens and slider/... phones in high end but Sammy seems to be making a border between the market ranges if u know what I mean). Way to go Samsung!

  • mk

miniUSB? Looks like MicroUSB

  • cacapeepee

5th! This phone looks superb! GO WINMO!

  • omnia user

nice but i love my omnia

  • bedman

good good

  • Arif

Well, i am quite happy that Samsung has start catering the market of Winmo phone user's and eagerly waiting for its specs

  • tikka