Samsung Galaxy S5 mini picture leaks, heart rate sensor is gone

07 May, 2014
A snapped picture of an official placeholder shows Samsung Galaxy S5 mini version in five colors.

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  • AnonD-261091

It is baffling despite Samsung's phones looking cheap and made out of plastic, the interest it generates is very high. My demand is they should go for premium look of the Htc one M8, and they will be invincible.

  • Turk

Samsung Galaxy s5 series without a cover is disgusting :).

  • Anonymous

Apple's design chief has been given more power in the company.

Samsung just fired its design chief of the SGS5.

What do you think Samsung thinks of its SGS5 design? I bet you it would be different to what the Samsung fanboys are thinking. lol­ces-mobile-design-chief/

  • AnonD-79590

AnonD-105795, 07 May 2014This S5 mini + Tab S 8.4 (Amoled) are perfect combo, iKiller.Or you could get a Note 3 or a Note 4 in Q4. But I agree with you.

  • AnonD-105795

This S5 mini + Tab S 8.4 (Amoled) are perfect combo, iKiller.

  • laggdroids

Samsung is cheating the market. First release the flagship then release the active/zoom series with a bulky and more ugly design. I have read somewhere in gsmarena itself that the heart rate sensor just cost 1$. Why the hell Samsung did not include the 1$ sensor in this mini variant? is it coz if theyd put the sensor, no one would opt for the flagship phone?

  • AnonD-58179

Samsung pls don't put Snapdragon 400 chipset... use 600 or 800

  • AnonD-261407

Which Galaxy variant is being released now? One a week it seems...

  • AnonD-8044

AnonD-233508, 07 May 2014Hah! I knew it! Selling another piece of crap naming it under th... moreThat's what I am debating whether to buy an S3 OR S4 instead of S5 for half the cost..Fingerprint thingy will get onn my nerves and heart rate thing has been on phone for 2 years to my knowledge using LED flash and camera..

  • Niyaz

now i happpy...

Najib, 07 May 2014Why the hell all companies are launching these stupid mini versi... moreU dont know why?! Many iPhone users dont buy Android phones cause they are to big. I know 3 people who purchased galaxy s4 mini because of size. Give it more time and more people will dare.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-258086, 07 May 2014yeah, you can downdload an app called instant hart rate for free... moreSo unless the comsumer has a heart rate monitor this app is pointless?

  • AnonD-155285

Why no Black Option?

  • AnonD-233508

Hah! I knew it! Selling another piece of crap naming it under the current flagship. Come on people! Be smart and just buy the previous flagship or the same spec but lower the price. Just because it's an s5, it does not mean it's close to the flagship

  • AnonD-209094

Amazing and innovative design as usual from samsung. Just when you thought it couldnt get any uglier they still find a way to amaze you.

  • AnonD-255129

Anonymous, 07 May 2014htc one m8I'm guessing he wants a phone around the current price of the S4, or the mini versions of the flagships, not the M8 price.

The M8 is also much bigger in size compared to both of those.

Also, if he's asking between 2 Samsung devices, he probably cares about the camera as well :)

  • Najib

Why the hell all companies are launching these stupid mini versions??? What is the thinking behind this absurdity??? Anyways they are always trying to trap in people for more profits

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 May 2014Guys what should i get galaxy s5 mini or gs4?htc one m8

  • AnonD-49673

Definitively the S4.

  • Generals

Please compare Galaxy S5 Mini with LG G2 mini.