Music-centered Samsung M2710 and M2310 leak

30 March, 2009
Photos of two yet unannounced Samsung phones leaked online today. Looking like trimmed-down versions of the M7610 Beat DISC, Samsung M2710 and Samsung M2310 are obviously all about music...

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  • Mark Smith

I'm very much impressed with Samsung M2310 Beat it is very stylist and also have cool features.

  • Jake

Nice one samsung, once again you have succeded in making a really ugly phone with way less functionality than any other phone to date :)
good job, I hope they pay you well :D

  • 1337c4mp3r

looking good samsung, hopefully the audio quality is as good as the omnia/iphone or even better!

  • esraa

Wooooooooow I like the designe
But Im not feeling good about this

  • ND

Samsung M2710 look likes N81 in black color.

  • carloo

whatever happened so Ultra series ?...

  • Anonymous

Is a Nasty copy of LG KM500

  • uy

it is cool.

  • Haha

Look like terrible :)

  • universal

not good

  • fugger?

wats that? it look dated

  • dude

ugly mobile..........

  • sm

Wow, samsung makes a lot of new phones. Most news here are about new samsung models....

  • Rakeb

Good i love this phone .famly

  • afzal

they look horrible

  • daone69

First both reallt good looking fones

  • Spyros/Cesar.s.c.

Good lowend phone.

  • taz

1st, fuuuuuuuuuuuu..........