EE and Three UK to carry the HTC One mini 2 [UPDATED]

15 May, 2014
EE has exclusivity on the Gold version and will start taking pre-orders on May 23.

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  • AnonD-81610

Oh, man this is too much!
I can get Z1 Compact for same price, but far far better specs.
If I want same specs I would get Galaxy S3 LTE for 330 EUR from Yeah it's old model, but still good and with better XDA community.

  • Anonymous

Phones4U sim-free price is: £359.95

Carphone Warehouse sim-free price is: £379.95

  • Anonymous

470 euro? It's expensive, with around 400 euro you can get the HTC One m7. :)

  • CPWWorker

Carphone Warehouse free from £21PM....

  • Viki

ineternet on ee is awful, plus cust service is sheeeee....3g unltd data and 4g is cool

  • Trooper

Meh!!!, crappy service, as-in speed and coverage vs cost (EE specifically), offering what amounts to a rather mediocre phone, free or otherwise.

  • mike

phones4u will be offering free from £25pm!

pre-orders start today!

  • exe

may 23. friday.