BlackDot mobile awards announced at CTIA Wireless 2009

1 April, 2009
The Black Dot awards committee, a US subsidiary of the popular European telecommunications award fund, officially announced the 2009 award-winning list. The most coveted devices this year made...

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  • mgee

sharath, 02 Apr 2009your comments is really nice i accept yu bosswhat are you on about? oh wait, is that sarcasm? good stuff man, origional. i dont get why everyone is getting so wound up about this, it was an april fools joke! get over it!!

  • typical mobile custo

wow.. iphone is so good! especially for recording videos..i'm getting one next week!

  • Leo

SE + Nokia Fan, 02 Apr 2009Hahahahaha... Again, this just proves 1 point and 1 poin... moreCould not agree with you more, man!! People tend to get SO defensive when someone talks about their brands... it´s almost as if they were actually the brand´s owners!!!
People, you need to read and take a few moments to think before posting!

  • SE + Nokia Fan


Again, this just proves 1 point and 1 point ONLY...

Dum-dum people just SO EAGER to post their comments WITHOUT first reading the material... ;-D

Just RELAX, people!! ;-D
This is a forum for Cell PHONES..., not a RELIGION!!
Chill out and take a DEEP breath before posting!

However with this, I'm loving GSMArena more and more everyday!

  • Jappie

Hilarious, the comments I mean...

Two thing are infinite, the universe and human stupidity..

  • killersmith

just checked out the updated link provided by gsm arena. It leads to april fool's description on wikipedia. lol

Good one gsmarena. You got a lot of attention on this one. 120 posts already.

  • killersmith

iphone....imaging??? touchscreen???
samsung, htc.......CREATIVE NAMING???(wtf is that)
Sony....original design???
Toshiba....compact design???

Feel like killing myself.
Somebody please tell me this is an april fool's joke.

  • sharath

mgee, 02 Apr 2009haha! its so funny reading all the opinions on this! to all... moreyour comments is really nice i accept yu boss

  • mgee

haha! its so funny reading all the opinions on this! to all the people that actually thought this was a genuine award i bet youre feeling like right dorks now!! awesome!

  • Anonymous

wtf =_=

best touch screen goes to A3100??! it suppose to be iphone 3G@!

overall, i think 1202 own the Top all-rounder award, it is a "real phone"

  • Anonymous

John Nash hahahaha.

Awesome April Fool's

  • Nice 1

Nice 1 guys hheheheheheheheheh

  • Anonymous

april joke , lol

  • Ronald mobile imaging award:Iphone 3g..its funny hahahaaa...

  • Lucas

Haha great prank gsm arena. And for you haven't noticed yet and think the phone companies are paying for awards, its an April fools joke you fools! God, learn how to read lol. Click on the very last link, see where it takes you.

  • Anonymous

its an american award so they will always favor an american company.

  • Dee

DOH! April fools joke! Ya got me lol

  • Dee

These awards ceremonies are nutz. After reading these awards im gonna pay no attention to them anymore! How can you vote the iphone3g for best imaging when there are plenty of top notch 8mp smartphones out there? Sounds like the judges are kissing some @ss for whatever reason. Are there any awards where normal everyday users can vote on their favourite catagories? These would be awards which actually mean something!

  • S

LOL, as usually it all comes to who payed more... Nothing new... :(

  • Shaveen

Good one GSMArena..... April Fools everybody!!! ;-)