HTC One M8 Prime may have raised camera lens

20 May, 2014
Update: evleaks posted an alleged 360-degree spin of the yet to be announced handset.

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  • AnonD-235335

Mr. R, 21 May 2014Bro, do you even English?hahaha I don't think he does English ;)
P.S - I hope they change that orange ring to red or silver. Either way I'll probably buy this phone but only if the camera is significantly upgraded from the M8. We all know how that turned out.

  • Ayda


So far, the best design,? but The first customer is my.?

  • Jarret

No one cares for this ugly phone

  • Mr. English

I am.

  • dze

Mr. R, 21 May 2014Bro, do you even English?Do you?

  • Mr. R

Ayda, 21 May 2014Hi, and happy news , This favorite models and posters? HTC On... moreBro, do you even English?

  • AnonD-92238

Those bezels'

  • HTC Fan

Looks legit. The useless HTC bezel is there..

  • Ayda

Hi, and happy news ,

This favorite models and posters? HTC One prime M8 design, round red cameras we admire. but when, Golden ! brown color with silver colors’ comes to Europe Avrupe.?

  • Ayda

Hi, andbe happy' as a Golden silver bown golors .

The best patterns and models ever, the HTC m8 priming.When sold in Europe,but my first customer gospel

  • Anonymous

Having poor Eyesight, I would love to own a 5.5inch Screen. My Husband and myself have got the M7 and M8, loving them. I had I-Phones for a long Time, but think, that the HTC's are much better....

  • AnonD-255129

bookt , 21 May 2014What's wrongwith the Z2? Possibly this year's best phone so far Depends for who :)

For me, it's too big, too square, the camera is so-so compared to the S5, and it has no interchangable battery.

  • AnonD-130551

AnonD-123996, 21 May 2014If the body material for this HTC m8 is ceramic then i am bit sc... moreNo, no, no--ceramics are an extremely broad class of materials, and the ceramic in a coffee mug is only one type. I actually bought my mom a nice chef's knife made out of ceramic a couple years ago. She loves it. It's super hard--harder than steel, and holds an edge better. Ceramic can be very durable, don't you worry, plus it's transparent to radio waves, unlike metal. Pretty much the ideal material for a phone. I'm surprised it's taken someone this long to get around to using it.

  • AnonD-239468

Anonymous, 21 May 2014Awesome design, but I hate this OS.. Hope HTC make a wp8.1 versi... moreKeep dreaming brother. Android FTW.

  • AnonD-123996

If the body material for this HTC m8 is ceramic then i am bit scared. As my coffee mugs many times break occasionally. Not 1 but many mugs in a year. How if this HTC prime m8 fells down? May be broken into several pieces and phone is no more usable. HTC please better use iron bars to construct this HTC and make it the real premium model.

  • rishi

AnonD-89109, 20 May 2014I thought M8 has 4 MP (or UP) camera! But GSMArena said 5 MP! Hmm :|5mp is its front camera , rear is 8up (4up+4up)

Now I'm really confused!!
I was waiting to get the One M8 but now this!!
I'm still using my One X! Its old now and I really wanted to get the M8! Only and only its camera was stopping me from getting that phone! Now we have leaks of M8 Prime..... previous leaks suggested that there would be an 18mp camera (AFAIK). So maybe I'll wai a few more months..... although that may be REALLY hard :P

  • rust

4 mp ultrapixel camera with a bump.

  • AnonD-265787

In m8 prime the orange ring look's bit ugly and the phone look and shape also being ugly it's doesn't look like the m8 design. htc please give us a nice specification's and the design's too and give fingerprint sensor too and we are so eager to see the prime, make it fast and give us a good quality please

  • Anonymous

looks like a toy phone. retaining the m8 design would be attractive.