Orange launch own application store in France and UK

3 April, 2009
Orange plans launching their own application store in a few weeks in France and United Kingdom. The first handsets to get access to the store are HTC Touch Diamond, Nokia 5800, N96 and Sony Ericsson...

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Apr 20096 euro for an app is way to expensive! Orange is a greedy... moreYes - free is really expensive - isn't it?

  • White Wolf

In principal it's a good ideea still i whant app that are 100% compatible and stabile for my phone and cheap and some free for example nokia download center has (had) some soft for free to enhance the phone not to sell

I realy am intrested in that

Thank you

  • Anonymous

6 euro for an app is way to expensive! Orange is a greedy little bastard.

  • teh

good to see that network carrier are serious in this business

  • Deepz

Looks like these guys have gone mad after seeing the great success of OUR iPhone.

  • Dani

Dhir, 05 Apr 2009Well i'm not really a big fan of app store or content store... moreSE's PlayNow is great, I agree

Nokia should sue Cisco for using 3310's design...

I never even knew Cisco made a 'iPhone' to

  • Dhir

Well i'm not really a big fan of app store or content store but SE had something called play now, where we could listen to a sample tones or preview wallpapers and then download the same paying the appropriate price. do we call this a store? play now was available before app store of even iphone. talking about innovative iphone (sarcasm intended), what happened to iphone by cisco?

  • Dani

nick, 05 Apr 2009it doesnt mean they cant try the new LG arena looks prom... moreSamsung's services are NO WERE near Apple's.

So i'd still take iPhone and Omnia HD

  • nick

Dani, 05 Apr 2009First of all the reason why everyone likes the iPhone is it... moreit doesnt mean they cant try

the new LG arena looks promising and the 800x480 screen is brilliant

and yeah the Omnia HD is perfectly capable of handling multi-touch.

id buy the omnia HD anyday over the iphone.

  • Dani

nick, 05 Apr 2009well how do you make a touchscreen phone that much differen... moreFirst of all the reason why everyone likes the iPhone is its design is so good, second the Mac OSX is the best. third the iPhone has the 'Multi-Touch' interface which is the best to!

All the other touchscreen phone use 'Resistant-touchscreen' which sh*t. Omnia HD has Multi-Touch.

  • nick

well how do you make a touchscreen phone that much different?

you propose the banning of touchscreen phones except for apple then?
it's a bit of healthy competition, and competiton only benefits the consumer.

  • nat

orange's customer service is the worst in uk. I used to be an orange subscriber but after having the worst nightmare with them i'll never consider them in my future purchases.

  • Anonymous

i'm so sick of apple fanboys and girls raving about igarbaged it's unreal. i bet you 10 to 1 that the majority of these jerks are from the united states and have never bought any unlocked phone ever in their life and can only compare the icrap with contracted phones from carriers such as tmobile and verison and at&t. acting as if it's the greatest thing since jennifer lopez finally found a man she hasn't divorced in 6 months. it freezes alot and the battery life isn't as great as they say and when you call apple about it,the first thing they want to do is set up an appointment for them to look at your phone,get to the store and the agent asks you the same dumb question you just answered from the person on the phone who set up the appointment. have you done a restore recently? that's what they ask, as if you are to restore once a month. I bet you apple fanboys and girls don't tell you that!! The interface of the Iphone is all they can mention as being so great. I know cause I have the white 16gig but it is not what it is cracked up to be. I have had it for less than a year and am on my fifth one due to hardware issues. My Nokia n80 ie was alot better. I never had to replace it and wish I would have never sold it. And who was the genius who came up with the idea to not have a flash for taking pictures..ever wonder why apple only made one phone with two versions? because the risk of failure wouldn't be as high. Best way to sum up the comparison of Apple to Nokia is D&G to being wranglers.

  • Dani

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2009Why does EVERYBODY have to copy Apple? Multitouch, nice ... moreAgreed!

  • Anonymous

Why does EVERYBODY have to copy Apple?

Multitouch, nice UI, small packaging, swiping, App store..... the list goes on.
Then youve got the handsets, Tocco, Arena, 5800, on and on and on.....

Apple innovates then everybody else copies.

  • Anonymous

people are starting to realise that apple's app store has become the iPhones main selling point, what with all the other manufacturers bringing out capacitive touch screens with good OS.

I feel it'll be a while before these companies have app stores that resemble apple's one. And by then I'm sure apple will have dreamt up some new attraction, I'd love to visit their marketing dept, must be amazing! They know exactly what ppl want before the ppl even know it themselves..proper if only it got a bit smaller (and cheaper too!), then I'd buy one :P

  • andie

not a touch on app store for iphone

  • Anonymous

This wont last long.

  • sasidharan

verry good mobile in all world

  • Anonymous

Orange are offering prizes for Symbian developers it was on the Nokia developers forums.

I wonder what steps they'll take regarding piracy, given that almost any Symbian, Java or WinMo application is available elsewhere for free.

Maybe they will disable some features in the OS's required such as allowing Symbian to run unsigned applications.