Nokia E75 hits stores, ready for heavy-duty corporate emailing

6 April, 2009
Nokia E75 - one of two business minded handsets presented at the MWC '09 - is now available in stores. The side-sliding S60 smartphone with QWERTY keypad caught our attention in Barcelona with its...

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  • David

"ready for heavy-duty corporate emailing" - acutally it's not. The exchange client just dosn't work. Google for it if you don't believe me.

  • Ravi

Is it better tha E71 and wht's it cost

  • afi

i am a nokia lover at the moment im stil using a 9300i and im waiting for my new E75.

  • mizuchi

if you all noticed that this smartphone shattered most barriers that most QWERTY sliders couldn't do

all those Nokia knows really well and shows how well they can do it

if you take a look at the
samsung gavity
LG Neon
Samsung Propel
Lg Rumour
...ect they all failed in this field
i'm just waiting to see how the 5730 xpressmusic will turn heads

  • Anonymous

satyan, 07 Apr 2009hi erick u r right, i had been using a nokia e51 with gr... moreI believe the market for numeric+qwerty keyboard is a new UN-TAPED market. And I think nokia were smart to notice this market.

If you read my post about the aged businessman/businesswoman. That were a bit slow when composing SMS, Nokia E75 is very good for them. They can have numeric keypad for making voice call, qwerty keyboard for composing sms/email/notes. And they don't really care about screen resolution. I know lots of aged businessman/businesswoman that will applause the E75.

And why Nokia E75? Not E90? or 9500? they also have dual keypad/qwerty.
The answer is SIZE. The E75 size is a friendly size, whereis the communicator size where a gigantic unfriendly size.

  • satyan

Erick, 06 Apr 2009This device is clearly a superbly engineered one. For those... morehi erick

u r right, i had been using a nokia e51 with great success. i can chek my 2 gmail accounts and other stuff also on ineternet with this much economical model. i am satisfied overall, and dont know why e75 have two keyboards.


  • Anonymous

Abz, 07 Apr 2009have you heard of the e51 maybe your mum should have tried ... moreI know E51, two of my cousin using E51. My mom were using the outdated Nokia 6600.

She's doing fine with SMS, but very slow. I can sent 10 sms, and she hasn't done composing 1 sms.

So, I think E75 like phone is actually VERY suitable for her. Because it has both numeric keypad & qwerty keyboard.

  • Abz

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2009ACtually IT IS stupid design for younger age, BUT it is a C... morehave you heard of the e51 maybe your mum should have tried using one of them

  • mike selieg

i have the nokia e90 and comparing my phone to tghe e75, i would still stick with the e90, e75 looks weak and cheap and outdated it doesnt look at all professional.

  • Anonymous

its expensive cause its new and Eseires, the status quality an all.. in a few months its gonna be a good budget phone

  • benny

very expensive crap phone out of date 3.15 mpix, ugly design, small display , 385 euro expensive then samung inov8 fujjjjj Nokia u are very lost in time just keeping making this craping phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2009You mean why the "two" keypads? yeah i agree....totally stu... moreACtually IT IS stupid design for younger age, BUT it is a CLEVER design for an older age.

My mom in her late 50, still a businesswoman, but having a hard time using my E61i because her eyes were not really good anymore. She can hardly see the numeric number.

But with E75 I believe she can use both the numeric easily and the qwerty easily.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2009why the the keypads?either have a big screen or one keypad.... moreYou mean why the "two" keypads? yeah i agree....totally stupid. such small screen and a top keypad is never gonna get used. they make such big fuss about something so useless....

  • Anonymous

why the the keypads?either have a big screen or one keypad. thats just poor design and not practical. should be doing better

  • Anonymous

Leo, 06 Apr 2009Ugly design... so out of date and old fashioned... ugh...out of date design? both qwerty and keypad?
pretty dam new design actually Leo
and prety stylish.

  • Anonymous

raf, 06 Apr 2009at last nice look from nokia. but(sadly) still the same med... moreI think OS preference is very difference between people.

I for one, would not want anything else than symbian.

  • StevC

Is the machine available to the UK market yet? on what Network?

  • Adit38

Why do i need blackberry?
With SE K700 i can recieve email every 5 minitues, only with pop mail features.
Now i use nokia E50 and profimail, i just need QWERTY, blackberry just for the rich

  • Bill

Leo, 06 Apr 2009Ugly design... so out of date and old fashioned... ugh...It's not ugly actually, this is the most solidly built device on the market. Why, to businessman like for you? Oh I forgot, third world class folk like you can't appreciate upper class quality, you are a philistine to say the least. Go home and play with your toy, mr reject.

  • rmohsin

i love this cell.even its cam is adorable. i made hundreds of pics wid it.result is supperb.i can mail pics if u want dear,id is